5 Best Spots for Retirees in 2017


There are number of things people look for when they search for the ideal retirement haven including ambient climate, affordability, easy access to healthcare and close proximity to shopping and entertainment venues. With these in mind, let’s have a look at the five best spots for retirees in 2017. Maybe one of these is just the perfect location you’re looking for.

1. Costa Rica

Retiring overseas is not as hard as you may think and can be extremely affordable especially if you have a limited retirement income. Costa Rica has become a very popular retirement destination in 2016 and is continuing to appeal to more and more retirees.

The cost of living is very low, in fact you can rent a two bedroom home for about $500 per month. Eating out is also extremely affordable. You can easily find a restaurant meal for between $7 and $11 plus there are ample outdoor markets where you can purchase fresh produce for very modest prices.

Costa Rica also has excellent medical facilities which are comparable to what is available in the United States. A considerable amount of money has been spent on the local road infrastructure which makes getting around much easier and safer.

Communication is definitely not a problem as most Costa Ricans speak very good English and the country is only a 2.5 hour flight from Miami which means visiting family back home is quick and easy.

2. Abruzzo, Italy

Abruzzo is surrounded by golden beaches and turquoise waters. It’s a quaint laid back town where life moves at a slower pace and people are friendly.

There are plenty of open-air markets where you can purchase fresh produce and wonderful restaurants which serve delicious home-cooked style meals. It’s also extremely affordable as you could easily retire here for around $2,000 per month or less for a couple.

And of course, there are plenty of vineyards to visit and lovely old stone villages to explore. Best of all it’s only about an hour’s drive from Rome where you’ll have access to excellent medical facilities and plenty of entertainment venues.

3. Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve in Portugal boasts a low cost of living, affordable real estate, great weather and an established expat community. Here you’ll find lovely medieval towns, plenty of open-air markets and a good supply of local wine.

The climate is almost perfect too with more sunny days than nearly anywhere else in Europe. The glorious sandy beaches stretch for more than 100 miles along the Algarve coastline. And if you love golf there are around 42 golf courses to indulge your passion.

Medical facilities are of a high standard and the cost of living is among the lowest in all of Western Europe. A retired couple could live in the Algarve for as little as $1,500 per month.

4. Cuenca, Ecuador


Cuenca is a beautiful colonial city with many outdoor cafes, restaurants, bars and bookshops lining the streets. This lovely city has a temperate climate all year round and a very affordable cost of living.

Cuenca offers excellent health care facilities which are also inexpensive and an established and diverse expat community.

5. West Palm Beach

If you’re looking to retire a little closer to home or you’re just not ready to move abroad yet, then West Palm Beach is an excellent option.

West Palm Beach is much more affordable than its expensive neighbor, Palm Beach. There are plenty of restaurants, museums and parks for you to spend your time as well as well-preserved historic districts to explore.

The climate is very comfortable with temperatures ranging from 82 degrees F in the summer to 67 degrees F in the winter months. There are also 4 hospitals with excellent medical facilities.

Here you can rent an apartment from around $1,200 per month for a 1 bedroom in the outskirts of the city center. There are also plenty of West Palm Beach condos for sale ranging anywhere from $100,000 to $7.5 million.

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