Why Use a Custom Design for Your Dream Home?


When considering to build a home, the three major options available include an already-made design, the remodelling of a pre-existing house, or a custom design. While the first two options come with limitations and the feeling of living someone else’s dream, the third gives you all the freedom in the world.

If you are the type of individual that relishes the fulfilment that accompanies starting a project from scratch and seeing that project to the end, then you might want to consider a custom design when you are ready to build your own home. Here are some good reasons to make that consideration:

Control the Quality of Your Home

You have total control when designing your home from scratch. You don’t only get to specify design to the tiniest detail. You also get to decide the construction materials and their quality, the fittings, and the fixtures to use. You eliminate the need to worry about whether your appliances and furniture would fit, because you plan for everything from the onset. You control even the wiring and plumbing networks. When you now work with reputable designers like Zbranek & Holt Custom Homes in Texas, every single aspect of your home pertaining to quality falls under your control.

Your Home Exudes Your Personality

When you custom-design your home, you bring your imagination into reality. You get 100% satisfaction that the home you want is the one you will get. Also, it doesn’t matter if you want a gym, extra bedrooms, or an office inside your home. Neither does it matter if you want your landscaping to reflect the grace of that of the Buckingham Palace. If you prefer baroque architecture to the elegance of modern homes, you also get that. You get 100% your dream home.

You Get Sustainability


As the years go by, the need for eco-homes become more pressing. Apart from the fact that eco-homes are friendly to our environment, they can also minimise your energy consumption and thus energy bills. While using an already-made design or remodelling an already existing home exposes your home to the eco-unfriendly flaws that old designs exhibit, a custom design can leverage eco-friendly ideas like the use of natural lights, passive heating and cooling, tree planting, and solar roofing to make your home sustainable.

You Get Exact Value for Your Money

While the cost of building a custom home can be a tad higher than that of buying a finished home, remodelling an old one, or building using an already made design, you actually get exact value for your money. This is because, with a custom home, your house is built to suit your needs and taste. Thus, you avoid constantly needing to upgrade or update parts of the house. Further, you eliminate the need for frequent repairs, you claim energy savings, and you minimise your need for fixtures and fittings.

You Escape the Challenges of Using a Predesigned Plan

The main problem with a predesigned plan is that it may not match the land on which you want to build. Thus, you may have to make risky or frustrating compromises for the land to accommodate the plan. With a custom plan, the house is designed to match the available land and to leverage the natural features of the land and its surroundings.

You Enjoy Privacy

While you may love a pre-built house or a pre-designed plan, the big question you need to ask yourself is whether the house or plan incorporates your privacy. That possibility is very unlikely because everybody has their different ideas of privacy. However, with a custom design, you plan your home to accommodate your idea of privacy.

There is nothing like a home that has everything you need. When that home is yours and is also a product of your imagination and dreams, your happiness and fulfilment while living in it becomes assured.

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