How to Protect Your Property from Bad Tenants


Bad tenants can cause a lot of damage to your property. If you’ve ever experienced the inconvenience and financial strain of having bad tenants, you know how important it is to protect yourself. Tackling bad tenants can be a challenge but protect your property from day one, and you’ll find it much easier to achieve. Here’s how to protect yourself from those bad tenants.

Request a Reasonable Deposit

When you’re a landlord, the most important thing you want is for your rental property to be looked after by responsible tenants who keep it in good condition and pay their rent on time. ​But bad tenants can cause thousands of pounds’ worth of damage to some landlords’ properties.

It’s been estimated that over a third of landlord’s issue eviction notices at some point during their tenancy. If you’re a landlord, don’t get caught out – ask for a deposit equal to five week’s rent as a safety precaution.

Carry Out Routine Checks

It is vital that you carry out routine checks to protect your property from bad tenants. With the recent introduction of new legislation, there are extra responsibilities on both landlord and tenants. Taking care of your tenant’s well-being will ensure that you have a healthy pipeline of good tenants.

It is important to check leasehold insurance, and many agencies have introduced money-back guarantees for landlords.

Word the Tenancy Agreement Carefully

A tenancy is a legal contract between you and your tenant. Once you sign the tenancy agreement, it can be difficult to change, so make sure the agreement is drawn up carefully.

When you are trying to rent out your property, it is always advisable to be cautious when dealing with prospective tenants. It is possible to word the tenancy agreement in such a way that you do not lose your right of charge or some other rights attached to the term of the tenancy agreement if the tenant does any act which entitles you to terminate or forfeit the tenancy agreement.

Get to Know a Good Solicitor

There are many ways you can avoid a rogue tenant, but one of the ways is to hire a legal expert to make sure you have everything covered before you rent out your rental property. A good solicitor can help in many ways. Don’t get overconfident when letting out a vacant property without an experienced solicitor who can advise, guide and support tenants when needed.

 It’s not all legal jargon and boring stuff – it can mean a better experience for everyone, including yourself, the tenant and others.

Get Landlord Insurance

Landlord Insurance is specialist insurance for Landlords that will assist if your tenants cause damage to your property. Even the most level-headed tenant can leave you out of pocket if they damage your home.

Since you’ll need to foot the bill to get the property back into its former condition, you could end up losing thousands of pounds in unpaid rent. If you’re not already covered by landlord insurance, it’s important to check your building insurance to see what protection it provides -if any. Most home or buildings insurance policies will not cover private renting.


Bad tenants pose a real threat to property owners. To better protect your properties from bad tenants, it’s important you know how best to deal with them. Fortunately, you have the best tips to protect your property from bad tenants right here.

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