Finding Motivated Home Seller Leads Across The USA


The Real estate game is not all about money, talent, or personality. 

One of the most important & useful skills you need is being able to find motivated home sellers.

That is what separates an elite redeveloper from a struggling investor. 

Without having motivated home seller leads, you will be wasting your energy and time convincing sellers to part ways with their homes. Working with motivated sellers guarantees the deal will move forward seamlessly with minimal hassle. 

The biggest challenge that most investors face is finding leads that turn to assets on their buyers’ list. If you play your cards right, you can get the deal over the line in just under 28 days.  

Situations Home Sellers Are Considered Motivated

– Outstanding mortgage and foreclosure

– Impending divorce

– New job opportunity necessitating a move

– Lien issues

-Inherited house

Who Is A Motivated Home Seller?

We define a motivated home seller as somebody eager to offload their property. Before we delve into ways to find motivated home seller leads, let’s look at how these sellers differ from other conventional sellers. 

We consider a motivated home seller to be somebody willing to offload their property at 10-30% below the market value or selling on very friendly terms such as 0% interest, no money down, financing, and so on.

Real Estate Leads Come In A Variety Of Forms

The best thing when dealing with motivated home sellers is that everything is done fast and efficiently. People like these have a compelling reason for selling their property and understanding that (and resolving the issue) is what will help you find a lead fast.

For an investor, time is your most valuable asset. 

The less time you spend looking for a motivated home seller, the better it will be for your bottom line. Motivated home sellers can be found everywhere. You just have to know how you can find them. 

Here are insights you can use to find motivated home sellers.

Find The List

If you the proper list of motivated sellers, you’ll be able to market to them directly. This is usually done using direct mail, which allows your prospects to reach out. There are various types of lists, but it would be best if you created one or two and proceed from there.

Create Marketing Collateral

After you have drafted a targeted list, it is time to come up with a marketing strategy. This usually takes longer to fine-tune, given the marketing options available. You can either use:

 – Direct Mail Piece: this includes lumpy mail, letter, or postcard you will send to prospective sellers

 – Website Squeeze Page: Here, motivated home sellers will visit your website and fill out a form providing their contact information

Using direct mail is will connect directly to would-be sellers, and communication is efficient. You can update your website to make sure you capture any lead generation from the direct mail.

Finding motivated home sellers is not that hard provided you have a targeted focus, market something that engages them on an emotional level and provides a solution – the solution being that you can buy their house, for cash & quickly.

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