A Guide to Generator Hire






As the final covid restrictions seem set to be lifted in all corners of the UK it looks like this summer might very well be when things start to return to normal on the event front. Having missed out on the ability to put on summer events for the last two years, the entertainment industry is in dire need of a good season this summer if they have any hope of surviving.  Event organisers all over the country will be busy working to ensure that they have everything that they need in place to make their event truly special.

From hiring tents, getting the caters in, hiring toilets and of course those all-important generators that keep everything going, they will want to make sure that they haven’t missed anything off their list.

Of course, generator hire is not limited to events. These are an incredibly important tool that are also used in a number of other industries including in the construction sector.

With that in mind we have put together a guide to generator hire, with the help of SRP Hire Solutions,  who could help you make an informed choice when it comes to hiring a generator.

Why should you consider hiring a generator?

As we already mentioned, generator hire is important for both the event sector and also for construction. If your location is off the grid, then you will need a power source. If you have a larger power requirement then you may also want to consider a backup power supply, and this is where a generator can help you.

Purchasing a generator outright can, however, be an expensive prospect and one that many companies can ill afford, especially after the events of the last couple of years. And the cost doesn’t stop at the initial outlay. There are also the ongoing costs associated with fuel and maintenance. When you hire a generator, you are looking at a price that is much more affordable, and the costs associated with maintenance are no longer relevant as this is something that the hire company takes care of. If you only need a generator for a few short occasions during the year, then this makes much more sense than investing a large amount in something that you will mostly just be storing.

What are your power requirements?

You need to work out how much power you will actually require in order to understand what type of generator you will need to hire for your needs. It is important to consider that your power requirements are unlikely to be static when making this decision so you should think about a power requirement that allows for a slight overestimate of your needs. This will cover you for any unplanned spikes that could occur in your energy use. A good hire company will be able to help you work this out.

How long will you need to hire a generator for?

The duration of your hire requirements is also an important consideration as it will allow you to budget properly for your generator hire and also ensure that you have the right amount of power for the right amount of time for your construction needs or your outdoor event.

This may be as little as a few months. However, you may need a generator for more than a few months. Generator hire companies will have generators available to hire for shorter and longer periods.

Delivery and installation

Check what is covered in the price of your generator hire with regards to delivery and installation, a good hire company will offer both of these services within the prices that they quote, and will also instruct you in the safe use of your generator. Whilst it is important to allow plenty of notice where possible for hire of a generator this is not always possible. Fortunately, there are a number of companies who are able to offer short notice or even same day delivery.



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