Whether you are a student looking for an affordable apartment to rent near your campus, or a well-established professional in search of an upscale rental in a trendy neighbourhood, the city of Ottawa, Ontario has it all. Each part of the city has unique characteristics and conveniences, and no matter what type of apartment you are looking for, District Realty is a great resource for your rental apartment search to help you learn about different parts of the city. 


Downtown Ottawa Apartments 

As you would imagine, downtown is the heart of the business district with constant hustle and bustle that you would expect in such a location. There are tons of apartment options in this area with proximity to the University of Ottawa, public transportation, grocery stores, shopping, restaurants, as well as activities and attractions for all ages.


Ottawa East Apartments

Apartments in the East end of Ottawa also have several amenities surrounding them, along with a slightly lower rental price tag than Ottawa’s downtown apartments. Several shopping malls, restaurants and convenience stores can be found in the ever-growing East end of Ottawa, along with access to public transportation.


Ottawa West Apartments

In the West end of Ottawa, you will find some of the city’s most hip neighbourhoods including Westboro, Wellington West and Hintonburg, where boutique shops and restaurants are a plenty. Several affordable apartment options are available within proximity to Bayshore Shopping Centre, as well as beautiful parks and recreation along the Ottawa River. Further west of Ottawa, as you enter Kanata, you will find Ottawa’s technology sector and the Canadian Tire Centre – Ottawa’s go to entertainment facility for sports, concerts and major events.


South Ottawa Apartments

In South Ottawa, you will find a variety of shopping centres located along the transit way, as well as access to recreational areas and beaches like Mooney’s Bay, where you can attend outdoor events and attractions during the summer months. Affordable apartments close to schools, grocery stores and accessible public transportation can also be found in Ottawa’s South end.


In conclusion, the City of Ottawa has something for everyone, several desirable areas to rent in, affordable living, and a variety of lifestyle options whether you are a student, professional, family, or senior!

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