Where to Find Your Super Bowl Rental in Minneapolis


As Super Bowl 52 is rapidly approaching, we’re all waiting to see which two teams are going to battle it out in the big finale. But, while waiting, many people are already planning the vacation of a lifetime to attend the Super Bowl in Minneapolis. While it may be too early to know the teams playing, it’s already getting too late to find a place to stay in the city!

Are There Hotel Rooms Available in Minneapolis?
It’s been complicated by the fact that nearly every room in the entire city is being reserved by the NFL and associated media or administrative companies! That means you probably won’t find a hotel room available without a package deal right now in or around Minneapolis.

It may be possible to rent a hotel room once the teams are announced, because of cancellations and sudden availability, but this is a short window of opportunity that will likely cost you a lot.

Rental Options & Average Prices
Your best option if you want to stay near the city is to rent from a private homeowner. Many homes are already listed online for guests around the Super Bowl time. You may be able to find whole homes or individual rooms to suit your needs well and give you a good taste of authentic Minnesota life while you’re there. There’s a lot to do around the area before and after the big game, so you may want to check out a few fun events around the area while you’re in town.

As of November 2017, many listings in Minneapolis city itself are being rented at an average of $2,000 per night around the Super Bowl. This is only within the city itself and does not include the average prices for homes further out away from town. Most homes and rooms outside of town have much more reasonable price tags, with whole homes being suitable for large families or groups of friends to split.

Alternatively, you can consider something unconventional like an RV rental from somewhere like RVshare.com. This would make for a unique weekend experience and might save you some cash if you’re looking for simple accommodation.

Private Home Rental Websites
What are the most reliable places to get private rentals for Super Bowl 52 online? There are many places to look online, some of which are a safer bet than others. These are the main sites you can look on for your rentals:

–          Airbnb.com

Easily the most well-known private rental platform around, Airbnb is full of listings around the greater Minneapolis area for Super Bowl weekend. As far as legitimacy and renter safety are concerned, this site has a good reputation for helping you avoid scams and major problems.

Airbnb is one of the most heavily populated private home rental platforms. It has the most hosts out of any of your online options. You’ll have a lot more choices and most likely a higher chance of finding something available through this platform.


Another reputable online renting platform, VRBO gives you access to a lot of local area listings for Minneapolis. This website is actually a part of the larger HomeAway.com, so you can rest assured that you’re not likely to be scammed or cheated if you’re using VRBO either.


Not everyone trusts ads placed on Craigslist, but if you’re willing to sort through it you can find some lovely homes and rooms to rent specifically for the Super Bowl. This website may offer you some options you won’t find on other online platforms, as many homeowners use it for one-time event housing rentals if they don’t normally rent out the house or room throughout the year.

–          Super-bowl-rentalz.com

Made especially for renting places around the area of the Super Bowl, this website is a seasonal site that’s fairly new to the marketplace. It shows mostly larger properties that give you whole-house or apartment access. Many luxury homes can be found on this site for rent.

–          HomeAway.com

Using the app or website, you can check out Minneapolis bookings on this site. It’s a secure platform that lets you book many of the homes online, though not all. You can find a significant number of properties of all types in a lot of different price ranges.

–          EventHomes.com

A less well-known site for rentals, EventHomes.com also shows listings of rentals for the Super Bowl in Minneapolis. There are a lot of unique listings there meant for larger groups or corporate guests. Some locations are a little further out but are large and luxurious. Listings are easily laid out for you to see their location and a little bit about each one.

It’s not too late to rent out a place for the Super Bowl, although it’s getting a bit harder to find affordable rooms around the area. Book online now, before it gets too close and you can’t find a room!

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