Top Choice Villas for Holidays in the South of France


Many frequently ask for recommendations on where to stay in the South of France. Although Google is a great resource, it might take ages to wade through the million results that come up.

It is advisable to start off by identifying precisely the region you fancy and would like to experience. Remember, South of France has many provinces to choose from.

Although many visitors prefer Provence and Cote-d’Azur, there’s no need to limit yourself.

What’s more, the two provinces can be relatively pricey and competitive in terms space. If you’re open to options, other alternatives for holiday stay at reasonable rates include;


● It is an area west of Rhone relatively flat and is known for long sandy beaches. What’s more, it has plenty of space and infrastructure to facilitate a great holiday experience. The main city is Montpellier with other cities being Narbonne, Nimes, Perpignan, and Sete.

● Apart from the sandy beaches, there are arid Mediterranean hills, vineyards, and field to explore. The modern resorts for accommodation range from Palavas, Narbonne Plage and Cap d’Agde. Languedoc-Roussillon is accessible by train, motorway or airport.


● A diverse region known for its large beaches, stone monuments and sandy coves. The inner regions, however, are agricultural. The coastal beaches have various restaurants and hotels to accommodate different budgets. The popular towns of Brittany include Vitre, Dinan, Port Vannes and St Malo.

● The region provides a cultural experience, with the cultural festival being the most celebrated. Resorts recommended are Camaret, Erquy, Carnac, Binic, and Ploumanac’h. The best time to visit is between March and October after the winter season. The islands are accessible through the sea with year-round ferries, trains, airport, and road.


● If you’re an outdoor lover then Auvergne is a great choice. The area is known for a natural environment that includes forests, valleys, and hill capes. Moreover, it has a rich cultural heritage with castles, churches, and dungeons to explore.

● The Vulcania and Safari Park provide modern attraction experiences such as 3D cinema. The capital city of the region is Clermont Ferrand. Hotels to stay include Notre-Dame for a small family, Le Mont-Dore, and Le Castelet.

Rental sites

● Take advantage of rental sites that advertise villa and home options that end up being cheaper and convenient. The best part of rental sites such as Elegant Address and AIRBNB is the ability to choose your specifications from a wide variety of options.

● Most noteworthy, there are reviews from other users that help in decision making. Moreover, payment protection is in play minimizing cases of fraud.


The choice of region to spend the holiday greatly affects the overall experience. Make a choice while considering the needs of all the participants. Apart from the cost, the time of the year due to the weather plays a role. We don’t want you to spend your holiday indoors or do we? Either way, the South of France as a tourist attraction is bound to make the holiday experience worthwhile.

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