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Do you know what to consider when booking a holiday home? Holiday home planning can be overwhelming and time-consuming. If you want to enjoy your holiday to the fullest, then you need to start planning long before you board that plane. Finding a perfect stay is not a piece of cake. When holiday homes go wrong, it’s typically down to poor researching and planning.

So, the best way to avoid disappointment is organisation. It’s the key to a picture-perfect holiday. Plenty of online travel companies that help you book your holiday home are available; Agoda and Expedia are two such companies. Let’s look at some vital steps to grab your dream holiday home. Hopefully, these steps will save you some money, time and your sanity.

Build a wish list

An idyllic location calls for a wish list. When searching for a dream holiday home, you need to be sure about exactly what you want. If there are areas that you are ready to compromise, keep those in mind while searching. Treating everything as essential will limit your search results and you might miss out on near‐perfect properties, which may give you a beautiful holiday.

Plan early

The holiday booking frenzy begins months in advance, and this is the way to go if you want to secure the home you really want on the dates you want. If you plan late, someone else may enjoy your dream holiday home. Start searching as early as possible to lock your slot, especially if you are restricted as to when you can take your holidays. If your holiday dates come in peak times like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter, etc. and you book in the last minute, then chances of you getting a holiday home is almost zero. In case if it is a last-minute getaway, check directly with the holiday home owner to see if you can get a last-minute discount.

Read the reviews

You should not believe everything that you read on the listing. Online advertising will be as appealing as possible to secure maximum number of bookings. It’s upon you to check things through before booking a property. A quick Google map research can solve the issues for you. Also, reviews from previous guests generally give you a decent indication of what you can expect from your stay. You can ignore the one or two random negative reviews. If plenty of negative reviews are found, then that is not a good sign. 

Research about the location

Sometimes you get so involved in finding a gorgeous holiday home that you forget about the specific location. Do you want a remote location, or do you prefer to be close to shops and restaurants? Are you looking for a place near the public transport stand? Do you want a taxi service nearby? Choose a home based on your preference, so that you don’t have to regret later.

Never say no to freebies

Plenty of holiday homes come with unexpected perks, such as a private beach, Wi-Fi, pool, board games, books, wine, chocolates and the list goes on. Check out the freebies provided by different rental homes and choose the best one.

Look out for the cancellation policy

Reading the cancellation policy before booking is vital. You know what to expect, in case you are unable to travel for your holiday.

Check what’s already at the property

Lesser the luggage, more enjoyable the holiday experience will be. So, check what items are already provided at the holiday home. If you’re holidaying with kids, they usually require a lot of items on a day to day basis. Find what is on offer, when you’re browsing for your holiday home.

Examine the terms and conditions

Why do I need to go through the pain of checking a long list of terms and conditions, you might ask? It’s important when it comes to securing your dream holiday home. Trust us, you don’t want any hidden surprises. The terms and conditions help you identify extra charges, such as security deposit and cleaning fee. You might not see these charges mentioned in the property description. Also, it helps you find out the check-in/out times.

Vacation rental is also popular nowadays among travellers. So, if you want to temporarily rent out a furnished apartment or house instead of a hotel for your holidays, go for it.

If you’re gearing up for your next vacation, then there are numerous vacation home options to choose from, but it sometimes becomes tricky to secure an ideal holiday home. Follow these tips, travel the world on your own terms and enjoy an unforgettable holiday experience.

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