Things to consider for your holiday rental property



Owning a rental property can be a very lucrative and rewarding investment. Once you own the property there are lots of things you should consider to ensure customers have an enjoyable experience and want to return again and again. Word of mouth is very influential within the holiday home market, so it benefits you greatly if your guests are speaking highly of your property.

Local information

One of the simplest things to consider when renting out a holiday home is what information guests are going to want to know about the local area. If they have never been there before it is likely they will appreciate your advice and recommendations. Take some time considering what you would want to know, going beyond restaurants and bars, and considering supermarkets, transport links, and must-see spots. Once you have decided what tips you are going to give your guests, be sure to leave a copy of these at the property. Remember, the better time your guests have the increased likelihood they will return so take pride in showing off everything the local area has to offer. 


Hopefully, you will have lots of people coming and going from your rental property, therefore it is important that you run it as efficiently as possible to save both economically and environmentally. Consider air source heat pumps if your property is located in a hot country, as these will heat the water in your property using the hot air from outside, cutting down your carbon emissions. Take into account the lighting you have within your home and think about whether upgrading to smart lighting systems would benefit you, it is likely they will, especially if the property is ever going to be left unoccupied.  People are becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint so guests are likely to appreciate that thought has been taken here. 


Security is a big concern for both hosts and guests of holiday properties. As the owner of the property, you are going to want reassurance that your home is in safe hands whilst you aren’t there, and during quiet seasons when there is potentially no one there at all. Guests will want to feel at ease staying in someone else’s home, they will want to know they are safe but also feel as though they have the privacy to enjoy the home as they wish during their holiday. Think about how you want guests to check in; since the pandemic, lock boxes have increased in popularity as they remove the need to face to face check-ins but still ensure keys are kept secure. Other security measures such as window locks and outdoor motion sensor lighting are affordable options that are easy to implement but provide great peace of mind. 

Think like a holiday go-er

When putting the final touches to your holiday rental it is important to put yourself in the mind of the holiday go-er. Think about how their requirements differ from someone who is permanently residing somewhere and apply these throughout the home. For example, on holiday people are likely to enjoy outdoor dining so outdoor seating and plastic tableware could be a great addition to your home. Equally, people don’t tend to watch as much tv on holiday so don’t purchase the latest model and invest your money elsewhere. 

Be sure to always ask guests for feedback once their holiday is over so you can continue to improve. However, you can also learn how to make a website fast to promote your property online. This way can be also efficient if you use your time to optimize your site to be ranked higher on search engines. It needs time, but it good investment for your rental property business in the future for gaining more costumer! 

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