North vs. South: Rental prices

It goes without saying, that whether you’re renting or buying property, you are almost certainly going to get more for your money in the North than you are in the South. Although it appears that house prices in the UK are finally slowing down (even if it is by just a little), that does not mean that prices have stopped rising altogether. Unfortunately this means that landlords have to pass the costs on to tenants, meaning your rental costs are likely to rise too. 

With the South being home to England’s capital city, and a huge amount of the surrounding area considered to be the commuter belt; even as far as Southend-on-Sea, Kent and Brighton, prices are only ever likely to rise. Of course, it’s not just the South who are suffering, rental and mortgage rates rise in the North too, but in comparison to the South the rise can often seem tiny. When it comes to renting, what exactly can you get for your money?

£250 Per Month

The North: A furnished, 3 Bedroom Terraced House in Leeds. All bills included. 

The South: A single room in a flat in London. All bills included. 

There are very few properties in London, or even rooms that you can rent for £250 a month and you’ll be exceedingly lucky to find any with bills included, but if you search, they are out there. Whilst if you venture further up North to large cities such as Leeds you can get an entire house, fully furnished with bills included. 

£400 Per Month

The North: A large 2 bedroom flat, newly refurbished, unfurnished. Some bills included.

The South: A double room in a house share. No bills included. 

Not surprisingly, it is still fairly difficult to find a rental for £400 a month in London, this includes no bills and a shared bathroom and a cleaner once a week. In Leeds however, you can rent a 2 bedroomed property, with modern fitted kitchen and bathroom.

£800 Per Month

The North: 4 bedroom, semi-detached house. Freshly renovated, front and rear gardens and off-road parking. No bills included.

The South: Studio flat, furnished or unfurnished, recently refurbished. All bills included, off road parking included.

When you hit the £800 mark, plenty of properties crop up and the benefits definitely increase. With off road parking and all bills included, this freshly refurbished studio apartment in London is probably one of the better deals. For the same money in Leeds, you can rent an entire 4 bedroom property which boasts a garden and plenty of space, however, no bills are included. 

£1200 Per Month

The North: 4 bedroom town house, furnished or unfurnished, No bills included.

The South: 2 bedroom terrace house, unfurnished. No bills included.

Even at £1200 a month, you are not getting much for your money in the South, although now you are able to rent a house and not a flat. Back in the North, you can again rent an entire property, but it does boast 2 more rooms than you get down south, furniture and more modern décor. 

As you can see, there is a pretty big differences when you compare the North and South rental prices. If you’d like to compare further cities and what you can get for you budget, then this guide from Homelet shows the shocking results. 

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