How to Make Vacation Rental Business More Successful



Vacation rentals take little effort on the part of the owner, or so many people believe. However, a person who wants to achieve success renting their property must take certain steps to achieve this goal. Implement the following three things in your rental efforts to improve the odds of having a fully booked property. 

Make Communication a Priority

Guests want an outstanding experience when they book a vacation rental. However, many owners find it difficult to provide this experience because they have other things going on in their lives. To provide an optimal experience, the owner needs to respond quickly to guest questions and inquiries before, during, and after their stay in the rental property. Share information about the rental and the surrounding area and make information about check-in and check-out easy to understand and follow. These serve as only a few of many ways to improve the guest experience. 

Owners who find it difficult to share information in a timely manner and respond to guest inquiries may benefit from hiring a vacation rental management team. The management team handles these tasks and takes on other duties. The firm markets the property to reduce vacancies and has the technology to handle this job effortlessly. Choose this management firm carefully to get the optimal results from the partnership. 

Offer Something Different

Uber recently announced it would be expanding its offerings. Clients may now rent a train, plane, and more using the popular ride-sharing service. Vacation rental owners should take a page from Uber’s book and expand offerings as well. For example, rather than renting a room, an apartment, or a single-family home, rent unusual accommodations. If you own a private island, a treehouse, a cabin, or a houseboat, consider renting the property to others. 

For those who aren’t fortunate enough to own one of these properties, make the rental stand out by offering distinct amenities. A weight room and catered meals are two good examples of items guests might want and be willing to pay more to have. Don’t stick with the standards of free Wi-Fi, parking, and access to a full kitchen. When a person gets away from home, they want different amenities. Provide these amenities and the rental will take off. 

Request Positive Reviews

Consumers head to the internet when they want to make a purchase, and vacation rentals fall into this category. They look at numerous sources when choosing where to stay, and reviews help guide this process. Ask guests to leave a review of the property to generate more interest and increase bookings. It’s easy to do so. Leave a card asking them to write a review and provide a QR code or URL for the site where a review may be left. 

Some guests leave bad reviews, and this concerns vacation rental owners. However, they shouldn’t. Consumers read bad reviews and then look for a response from the company or vacation rental owner. The response from the business owner plays a larger role in how the consumer feels than the actual review. They want to see the business pay attention to customer feedback and respond to it. Fast responses show the business cares about their customers’ experiences. 

Remain authentic when interacting with guests and make hospitality a priority. Although there is no need to be a concierge for guests, guests want to know the owner cares about their experience. When combining this with competitive rental rates, keeping your property full becomes a much easier task. 

Leave a card asking them to write a review and provide a QR code or URL for the site where a review may be left. You can create QR codes online in just a few clicks.

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