Essential Utilities that All Tenants Look for

Tenants these days are quite demanding. They look for value for money and thus expect the landlord to provide them with a range of facilities. Apart from must have utilities such as electricity, gas, and water supply, there are certain other requirements that tenants look for. Listed below are some such services. If you planning to invest on real estate, make sure to add the following costs to your budget too.

Water heater

It does not matter whether your property is located in a dry zone or in the middle of Antarctica. Your tenant will demand for a water heater. People are used to the comfort of having hot showers and therefore dread using regular water. Moreover, it is scientifically proven that having hot baths are more beneficial than a cold one. There is no need to worry about the purchase or installation since the costs are bearable. However, your tenant might have a hard time dealing with the utility costs and maintenance fees.

Water softener

People are very health conscious in the current society. The fear of contagious diseases influences people to take necessary precautions to stay healthy and safe. One such precaution is to use products such as Bradford water softeners. These are reliable products that turn your water into a drinkable and healthy state. It has been found that drinking hard water can result in a number of illnesses including kidney problems due to high levels of calcium in the body. Therefore, make sure to invest your money on reliable and recognized brands such as Newmarket water softeners since it will please your tenant.

Security alarms

With the increase in public crime, people are now scared about their safety and security more than ever. Due to this, offering a security alarm will be a great value addition to your property. Using a high-tech security system will give a peace of mind to the tenant and thereby make your property more desirable. Although the installation can cost you a bit, this is an essential requirement in modern society. Thus, including it in your property will definitely not be a waste of money. Moreover, it ensures the safety of your investment as well.


After the introduction of Netflix, cable TV has become paramount to all tenants. Although it is possible to watch a movie or catch your favorite TV show in any device from your mobile phone to your computer, watching it on a home theatre system is a different feeling. It is possible for the whole family to enjoy the movie since it can be viewed through the bigger picture. Regardless of the demographics of your target market, this is a facility that all tenants will find appealing.

Offering such services come with a two-fold benefit. Firstly, they make the property appealing and make it easier for you to find tenants. More importantly, such services increase the overall value of your investment and enable you to get a higher market rate for your property. Therefore, be generous when it comes to such utilities since they are not only beneficial for the tenant, but for the owners as well.

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