A Simple Guide for Renting Property in Malta


The Sunny Malta is located south of Europe in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a country that enjoys the sunshine all year round with mild winter seasons. Malta is considered as the best country in the EU due to its affordability in cost of living for locals and expats, such as housing and medical.

Apart from the pleasant climate and relaxing beaches, Malta was voted 2nd in the International Living Quality of Life and the world’s 2nd Safest Country to live. With all the great things Malta offers, many tourists chose it as their best destination for their holidays; furthermore, the country is perfect for expats of all ages.

Once in Malta for a holiday or business trip, you need a place to stay. We know how confusing renting process can be, especially if you have never been involved in such operations before. 

Well, here are the guidelines to follow to rent a property in Malta.


The Republic of Malta comprises of three Islands; Malta the main island, Gozo and Comino the smallest. The three Islands offer a different taste of environment with Gozo being the quietest of all. If you are looking for a location with hectic city life and modern buildings, then you can never go wrong with urban areas of St Julians, Msida, and Sliema. They are most popular for those working or looking at working in Malta. Valletta is the capital city, but the place is quiet with few movements at night though the safest because Government offices locate there.

Sort the Property

Malta offers different kinds of properties for rent frequently organized in six categories; houses of character, villas, terraced houses, apartments, penthouses, and maisonettes. Sometimes you may not find the exact type of property, but with a clear picture in mind and visiting for views enables you to choose well and easily.

Gozo offers properties ideal for holiday breaks and as a retirement destination. You can book a great farmhouse with pool at reasonable prices, and much cheaper than Malta. Websites like Abraham Farmhouses offer rentals starting from €150 per night. Gozo is where you will find houses as old as 300-400 years. The island has kept its traditions alive with village feast forming an important part of the island’s events calendar. 


Renting property is a process that requires money. After finding the perfect location and short listing the kind of property you prefer, next, comes budget. Budget is the biggest factor and the determinant that will determine your next move, whether into acquiring the property or not. 

Renting a property requires enough funds; remember financial constraints that will always come with it. Again, when renting a property in Malta, a majority of landlords require a deposit, that is usually equivalent to one month’s rent, mostly paid upfront, and rent that payment is done in advance.

After budgeting for all fixed expenses, bear in mind the extra costs that come along while on stays, such as water and electricity.

So, when budgeting, keep your expenses target on the higher end to avoid financial frustrations.

After renting the property, always remember the agreed duration. Otherwise, Malta Island is a beautiful island full of life, very involving and a charming place to be. Why should you be thrown out? You can also decide to extend your stay, although that rarely happens because properties get booked three months in advance. Extending your stay means delaying another potential visitor.

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