6 Steps for Keeping Holiday Rentals in Tip-Top Condition



When you’re renting out a holiday home as a long-term let or a short-term Airbnb, maintaining the property to keep it looking attractive is important. After all your efforts and money spent ‘dressing’ the property to welcome in guests, there are certain steps you’ll need to take to make sure it remains inviting.

Provided you keep your holiday rental in good condition you’ll get back any money you’ve invested in looking after the property. And if you’re keen to become a superhost in 2023, it’s down to you to do everything in your power to keep your holiday home in tip-top condition whatever time of year it is. 

So here’s how you can keep your rental in the best condition. 

1. Decorate and refresh the interiors

You want your property to feel comfortable and to your tastes, but as a rented accommodation, you need to think carefully about the design and money you’re willing to spend on refreshing the walls, rooms and interiors. In any case, light and pastel colour schemes are a great way of brightening up your home. So, why not consider giving it a quick lick of paint or upgrading your existing furniture? Choosing a matching colour to what’s already in place can help to freshen up a room and makes sure that any accidental spillages, chips or stains are removed. 

Decoration doesn’t just have to mean wallpapering and painting though. If, for example, you have any photos, stylish ornaments or stunning pictures that reflect the local area, why not showcase them throughout your home. After all, the more you can do to make your rental feel more homely, the more likely those repeat bookings will come in. 

2. Carry out a deep clean every few months

It may sound obvious to keep your holiday rental clean, but you’d be surprised how easily it is to neglect even the most basic tasks, assuming you’ll get to them later on and then forgetting entirely. Week after week, more grime and dust builds up, which makes it harder to clean when you do finally find the time. Areas like kitchens and bathrooms, in particular, need to be cleaned thoroughly to keep them hygienic and prevent mould and limescale from developing which can be hard to remove. 

You should make sure that features such as around the base of taps, bins and splashbacks are wiped down regularly, but it’s also worth getting professionals in to carry out a deep clean every few months to prevent disrepair. They’ll have the right equipment for the job and will know precisely how to get everything back to its original state, so you have a base level to maintain. 

3. Repair small problems

There are certain repairs that are your responsibility so make sure that small repairs are dealt with promptly. And if you leave little cracks or examples of disrepair too long, they can escalate into bigger issues that could cost you in profits. From a broken lock on the bathroom door to a leaky tap or a stain on the sofa, there are little repairs that you can handle relatively easily that will keep the property in good condition and will prevent you having a disagreement with your guests when they come to move out. 

4. Don’t neglect the outside

Taking care of your holiday home doesn’t just mean the inside. If the property comes with a garden area, you’re also responsible for making sure this space stays neat and tidy. Luckily, it’s easier than you might think and it doesn’t have to take up a lot of your spare time. De-weed any flower beds, keep any lawn areas trimmed every month or so, and make sure that dead leaves and twigs are swept up in the autumn and winter months.  

5. Open the windows

Getting the windows open regularly keeps the property smelling fresher and also helps to prevent condensation, which can lead to mould if it’s left to develop over a long period of time. This is particularly important in kitchens and bathrooms where steam builds from cooking and showering, but it’s also important in any room where you dry your clothes because this can also increase the amount of moisture in the air. Try to get the windows open any time you’re using the shower or cooking dinner, but also for half an hour every morning just to let fresh air flow through the property. 

6. Take care of white goods

Your white goods are your kitchen appliances such as fridge-freezers and washing machines, and they can be very expensive to replace if they become damaged through poor care. So if you want to keep your costs down, it’s essential that you take care of these appliances. There are obvious things like making sure that freezer drawers remain unbroken and the inside of microwaves are kept clean and free from food spills. But there are also maintenance tasks such as wiping the rubber seal of the washing machine once a week and running it on a hot wash without clothes inside to rid it of stale water and odours. 

Wear and tear is normal in any home, especially in rental accommodation when there will typically be several people staying together and having fun on holiday. But while you want guests to be respectful and look after your accommodation even though it’s only temporary, you need to take care of it too. Keeping your holiday rental in good condition doesn’t just mean you’ll encourage your guests to return but it also provides a nicer place to stay when they’re in the property.

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