5 Ideas on How to Earn from Your Vacant Land


Land is one of the most precious assets. It keeps appreciating in value with every day that passes by. However, once you have a piece of land, making returns by selling it is quite challenging. It gets even more difficult when the land has no structures on it. However, this should not discourage or limit you as you still have an opportunity to make an income from that vacant piece of land in your possession.

If you are wondering how possible that can be, or even how you can do it right and enjoy the benefits, here are five simple steps that help you learn how to earn from your vacant land.

Know Your Land

One of the most effective and more straightforward ways of making profits from your vacant land is knowing it better. You must be aware of where your property is, how big it is, and of course how much it is worth. With these three aspects in mind, you will quickly start to get profits from that vacant land that you can ever imagine. However, for you to enjoy such privileges, you must have all the details about the land in place. Notice where it is located, its neighboring environment and other amenities that may enhance on the profits. The location of your land will also determine its type of growth; therefore, dictating on the amount of profit you will get from the land at a time.


Renting your vacant land to campers can be extremely promising for business. Occasionally, people would wish to get a place where they will go for a camping experience away from the usual hustles of the city. If you have vacant land away from the city, starting a camping site on that land can be very rewarding. You are likely to make good money from the land than how you would with structures on it.


Depending on the size of your land and how strategic it is located, you will often find yourself making easy and fast money every night. However, for you to start such business, it is essential to have precise details on how much you will pay for the insurance and any other expenses in case you will have to improve the land gradually. Additionally, such land will often require treatment to ensure it remains friendly and attractive to the people you intend to capture as your target customers.

Parking Lot

Most vehicle owners don’t have sufficient space to park their cars for at least a night. Instead of having a vacant idle land, why not start such a business and make an income from the land. You can mobilize people from within your reach to bring their vehicles to your land for at least a night.However, for your land to bring in more profit, ensure the parking is secure, and your customers feel safe leaving their vehicles with you for the night. Additionally, to ensure you keep attracting more customers with every day, you can introduce other services such as wiping the dust off the body of the vehicle every morning before the owners pick them up. You can also start car wash services at one end of the land at a small fee. If you are parking and washing services come at a competitive fee and you offer friendly service, and you have good relationships with your customers, your vacant land will be more worth than any other neighboring land regardless of how developed it may seem.

Rent It Out


Another better way of making a profit from your vacant land is giving it out for rental. You may have the idea of how to develop your land, but you don’t have the time to work on it. In such occasions, the best way to benefit from the land is renting it partially.With more people looking for land every day, you can always find someone to rent it for a short period. When you rent it out, ensure to have a close relationship with the person you are renting too. Also, avoid renting it to the same person for extended periods as it may result in decreasing your income or even delays.

Sell It Out

If you don’t have intentions of building or developing your vacant land the other best option of making quick and straightforward income is by selling the land. Although this comes as a final result when all the options have failed to work for you, selling gives you instant cash, and it is often very huge.However, when selling the land, you must ensure to have an idea of how land costs within your area for you to sell it at the right amount. Remember, once you sell your land, you will have to transfer all the ownership documents to the new buyer. Therefore, you must be sure of the rates to avoid regretting later when there is nothing much you can do about the sell.

Additionally, before signing any transfer documents, ensure to follow the right selling procedures to avoid falling into traps of scammers within your area.Still on selling, in case you have other ongoing projects on the land, ensure to mention them to the buyer and calculate its worth. It is essential to know whether the buyer is interested in the project or if you will have to wait until you are through with your projects before selling the land. When you make the right selling choices and find the best buyer, you will enjoy the kind of income you will make from that land at a go.

With those few ideas, it is now evident that your piece of land will bring you more income within a short period. However, the land business is not always as automatic as other business, and it might take slightly longer before it picks up. Therefore, all you will need is exercise a little patience as you wait for the place to gain popularity. However, once the place starts to generate income, the flow gets constant, and you are sure that it will sustain your supply.

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