5 Fun Ways Renters Use Apps to Interact With Their Property Management Company


For people renting apartments, dealing with their landlords isn’t always a positive experience. From dealing with property management firms that are headquartered far away from the apartment complex to having to handle plumbing problems, broken light bulbs and other maintenance issues after hours, there are plenty of horror stories that renters have encountered on a daily basis.

Renting isn’t all bad, however. With the digital age, there are more ways that renters can interact with their property management companies to help improve services and the overall quality of the apartment rental experience.

Here are 5 fun ways that renters can use mobile phone apps to interact with their property management companies:

1. Online tenant portals

An online tenant portal serves many functions. It can be used as a community bulletin board for people to post items for sale, hosting get-togethers, or have holiday parties for the apartment complex. It can also be used as a way for tenants to pay their rent, renew leases or address maintenance issues directly.

If someone is new to the area, property managers can use this portal to welcome new renters to the community, and even provide helpful advice for them about local employers, medical services, restaurants and entertainment.

2. Smartphone marketing apps


They help property managers find the ideal rental customers that they are looking for. There are several apps that allow them to create a screening process, send signable lease forms, credit checks and background checks. No more need to spend valuable time and resources printing forms and have them signed at the office or sent back and forth in the mail.

3. Wireless maintenance work orders

Instead of having to call a landlord or go to the main office every time there’s a maintenance issue, smartphone apps can create wireless work orders. These orders are transmitted directly to the property managers or appropriate maintenance personnel so that the necessary work can be done quickly and efficiently. Having to wait around a few days or more for a simple repair not only frustrates tenants, but can put the apartment complex and property management company in a negative light.

4. Virtual/augmented reality apps

They are used to find out more information about a rental property. The idea has been used for years, but the advent of smartphones has revolutionized the process. Users can point their phone at a rental unit or apartment complex and receive schematics, appraisal values, average rent costs and other information about that property. No more having to look in a phone book, or search the internet aimlessly in the hopes of finding a few details about a good apartment.

5. Mass voicemails

They have been more popular for apartment complex owners in recent years. Instead of having to call tenants individually or go door-to-door with announcements and updates, smartphone apps allow these owners and property managers to send a mass voicemails to all tenants. This is handy in case of weather emergencies, scheduled maintenance or even when they are hosting holiday events and are looking for a few volunteers to help out.

These are just a few of the smartphone app options that are currently used for better interaction with tenants and renters. You can visit Chandler Property Management or other sites for more information. Whether you’re a tenant, landlord, property owner, or apartment owner, it’s hard to argue that mobile apps are an effective way to improve communications and expectations in a timely manner.

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