Why the boating lifestyle may be for you



Homes for sale on the intracoastal waterway are not the cheapest you’ll find on Myrtle beach. But when you look at the countless benefits of living next to the water in one of these luxury homes, I think it could make anyone’s money stretch. Intercoastal real estate is dear, but living there next to the water will soon become a lifestyle. Have a look at these benefits, and you’ll see for yourself if it’s a lifestyle for you or not



Living of the land

The intracoastal waterway Myrtle beach has an abundance of fish of all kinds. Meaning you could get out your fishing rod and catch something for dinner for you and your family. You can’t get it any more fresh than that can you?


Boat in your backyard

No I don’t mean an old green stained abandoned boat rotting in the backyard, now being used as storage space. I mean a full on dock in your backyard, imagine hopping on the boat and heading to one of the many waterside restaurants. Or just taking it out for a ride, you’ll have the freedom to go whenever you want


Beautiful views

Imagine sitting every evening watching the sunset reflecting on the water, with the sound of families nearby enjoying barbeques together. This could be a reality for you


Limited supply

So nowadays houses based next to the water are becoming more and more difficult to get your hands on. On the intracoastal waterway, there’s an abundance of them. That won’t be just a home for you, it could possibly be a great investment for the future



The market on the intracoastal waterway is fairly dominated by beautiful luxury looking homes inside and out. And the good news is that they have a mixture of prices so i think they have something for all kinds of specifications and needs


Water sports

Yeah kind of obvious right, but I bet you didnt think itd be right on your doorstep. Lets just say there’s a huge list of activities that can be done on water. The majority of them are available to you if you’re living by the water


Bird watching

Not only bird watching, but also other wildlife. Wherever you are a wildlife fanatic, Or just like the relaxing activity of watching the birds


Some cons of living by the water

So if you are looking to buy a home on the intracoastal waterway, make sure you do consider the few unpleasant parts of it because there are a couple. For example one of them is mosquitos can be a big problem depending on the location of the property. Also some other uninvited visitors like alligators and snakes can pay you a little visit


Final thoughts

Living on the intracoastal waterway has so many pros, but like anything in life it cannot be completely perfect can it? Choose your property wisely and remember to watch out for the alligators!

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