Top Options when Choosing a Real Property Location



Planning to buy a new house?


Are you moving in alone? Or with your family?


Do you need accessible transportation means?


These are some of the questions you have to answer before buying your new home.


Choosing a real property location is an essential step.


However, it needs in-depth research.


Nevertheless, it is easier if you are equipped with the right information.


Factors to Consider when Choosing a Real Property Location

The selection of real property locations is fundamental.


It is a major consideration when you buy a new home.


Listed below are factors that may affect your decision.


Consider all of them before finalizing your property choice.



A property’s proximity to the buyer’s basic needs is one of the biggest factors.


Typically, buyers look for a place far from traffic jams during rush hours. It saves you from spending too much gas and fare to reach your destination.


A house near your workplace is a lot convenient. No need to worry about getting late for work and going back home.


Having a school nearby is also necessary, especially if you live with school-aged kids.


If your elderly parents stay with you, consider a neighboring medical facility location. It’s advantageous in times of emergency medical situations.


You may also consider the proximity of other establishments and institutions. Accessible banks, government offices, malls, and recreational areas should be assessed.


Always look for these types of amenities. It aids in your wise decision when choosing a real property location.



Identify why two identical homes cost differently. The real property location is the answer.


One house costs more than the other if it is situated in a prime real estate area.


Makati, Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and Taguig, and Baguio City are the country’s top business districts. House procurement in these thriving local economies is usually high-priced.


Why? Because several companies and shopping centers surround the area. These determine how big the real estate movement is.


If you prefer living in this location, anticipate a higher price demand.


Investment Potential

Having a real property is also a sort of investment, especially if you bought it for additional income.


Choose a real property location where the appreciation rate can deliver the best investment return.


A neighborhood close by Metro Manila is a good option. Top leisure districts like Entertainment City, Aseana City and Mall of Asia Complex are accessible. In return, it attracts foreign visitors.


Turn your condo unit into short-term or long-term rentals. Perfect for tourists and weekenders.



Everyone wants to live in a safe and secure community.


Find out if the neighborhood you’re looking at is safe. Avoid an environment with a high crime rate.


Also, check if it is situated in a low-lying area. Usually, flooding will be your problem. You may want to review the earthquake occurrences as well.


You and your family’s safety is your utmost priority. Carefully assess the real property location you are eyeing for.


Family-Friendly Features

Family comes first even in homebuying.


Look for communities were other families live with children. Let your kids socialize with kids their age.


Search for the senior citizen group. Allow your elderly parents to bond with others. 


Consider outdoor recreations for you and the whole family. It’s better if playgrounds and parks are close to home.


Compile good reasons why your chosen real property location is the best. Let this be your guide for your new venture.


Most Preferred Cities as a Real Property Location in the Philippines

Filipinos aim to buy a home in the future. Typically, middle-income house-and-lot packages are the people’s choice.


Listed below are the cities that promise the best benefits for you. Check it out if that the real property location you’re looking for.


Bonifacio Global City

Bonifacio Global City is also known as BGC. It is a neighborhood strategically planned to be a financial center in the country. Prime business district filled with offices and commercial establishments surrounds the area.


The country’s two biggest developers manage the city. These are Ayala Land and Evergreen Holdings.


BGC is home to countless opportunities. If you’re starting up with your career, this is an amazing place for you. Also, all of your family’s needs are accessible. Perfect real property location for you and your family.



Staying in Makati is beneficial. Everything is well-managed. That’s why it is called the Financial Capital of the Philippines.


Transportation, malls, and restaurants are accessible around the city. Businesses and industries included.


In addition, it is close to other top cities in the country.


Makati is a hotspot real property location for aspiring residents. Explore your living opportunities in the city.


Baguio City

Baguio City is the City of Pines in the country. Also, it is the country’s summer capital.


Some residents prefer this location. Peace, cleanliness and the well-organized city attract the most.


Top-performing academic institutions are found here. The University of the Philippines is one of them.


Real property in the city has high potential returns investment. Especially now that a huge dose of commercialization and business refinements surround the area. While preserving the tourist spots in the local.


Experience the rapid development of Baguio City. At the same time, enjoy the charming beauty of the city. Consider this your real property location.


This list is just your guide. It still depends on your preference where you want to stay longer.


Make it a habit to review all the details when homebuying. Remember to check all the factors especially the security. This way, you won’t regret your final option. Choose a real property location wisely.

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