Top 5 Places to Buy Real Estate for Single Moms



Single mothers face unique challenges when it comes to buying homes. Not only must single moms think about where they will have the best opportunities for work, but they must also consider the possibilities for their children and personal lives. We’ve developed a list of five cities where single mothers can have it all, from buying homes in places with good schools to finding new love.

1. Austin, Texas

Single mothers looking to find themselves in a prime real estate area should consider Austin, Texas. People who buy here will get a lot of square footage for the amount of money they spend, giving them and their children plenty of room to grow in. The city also has a high percentage of single people; roughly half of all men and women in the city and suburbs were single. That means it’s easy to meet local moms by using an online dating service! Busy single moms here prefer using online dating outcomes because they are faster, easier to manage, and safer for them. Single moms and the people who love them should definitely consider buying a house in Austin!

2. Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh is a wonderful city in which a single mother can make a home with her children. The city is located in a very accessible corridor on the east coast, has decent home prices, and has many single people living in the area. Although people from the fast-paced cities might have some trouble adjusting to the southern style of living, the city has too much to offer to pass up.

3. Naples, Florida

Naples is a bit of a high-end city, but you have to remember that it’s a place with many possibilities. Although you have to pay a fair amount to live in this part of Florida, the benefits are simply astonishing. The amazing weather, romantic atmosphere, and amazing schools are worth the relatively high price of living here. Furthermore, the city is rife with working opportunities, so it’s a great place for a single mom to start over.

4. Boulder, Colorado

Single moms who have a little more money to spend and want a change of scenery will do well in Boulder. Sure, the investment to get real estate here will be higher, but so too will be the benefits. Boulder is renowned for having some of the best educators in the country, so your child will flourish. Boulder is also filled with people coming to Colorado for vacations, so you will meet many different sorts of people who are interested in romance.

5. Trenton, New Jersey

Trenton is a city on the rise. Although this part of New Jersey was once known more for its crime stats than anything else, it’s a place where people are investing a lot of money to rebuild. Trenton has many quality homes for sale at a relatively low price, but they come with the high taxes typical of New Jersey. The schools in Trenton are average, but charter schools and private schools are the answer. The city has plenty of childcare and jobs available for all sorts of careers, too. The city is close to New York and has a great population of singles, so it won’t be hard to find love.


Single parents have a lot on their minds when they’re looking for a new place to live. Fortunately, the places we have listed here have all the bases covered. Good housing, decent markets, good places for children to grow, and an easy method to find new people for romance. All you could ask for and more awaits you in these fine cities.

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