Tips for Real Estate Agents Working on a Custom Home Deal


A considerable part of a real estate agent’s job is to help home buyers find a house. In some cases, they also help in constructing a custom home. Dealing with a custom house differs from selling an existing home, so realtors should keep the following tips in mind to make sure their clients get their dream homes.

Start With a Good Set of Plans

It’s a common misconception that new home designs are dictated by the builder. Sure, you can absolutely work with a local builder who promotes a catalog of approved plans, but you can also bring your own plans to the table.

Look for an architectural design company like Monster House Plans that offer comprehensive plans that your client can take to any builder. Companies like this even let the client make their own adjustments, so your client is welcome to individualize these plans to make them completely their own.

Pick a Home That Complements the Architecture’s Plan
When developing a custom home, a buyer will consult an architecture to create a design that works for them, manage complex issues, and offer insights and skills to help bring your dream into reality. An architect provides expertise and knowledge useful for delivering the ideal home for your clients because they understand the economy, practicality, and aesthetics of a custom home.

Realtors should, therefore, strive to make sure the property is built based on the client’s architectural designs. It will go a long way in ensuring that you deliver a successful project and a satisfied buyer. Sticking with the architectural design also makes sure that you get a home that complements your lifestyle.

Shop around for the Best Builder

To deliver an excellent custom home deal, you must find a builder who will work tirelessly to build a home that the buyer wants. An excellent home builder incorporates every aspect of the plan into the property. A real estate agent should also ensure that the builder and architects work together with the client as a team to make sure that the project flows seamlessly.

Teamwork also eliminates avoidable mistakes and guarantees an outcome that offers value for the buyer’s money. Take time to visit the potential builders to see how they work personally, examine their past projects, and check their reviews online to establish their reputation and quality of their work. Also, speak with previous customers to get insights into the buyer’s professionalism.

Push for Incentives

It is unlikely that the builder will be inclined to lower the costs of developing a custom home because it sets a bad precedence for future projects. Since builders do not have an emotional investment in the homes they build, they make their decisions with the bottom line in mind. The time value of money means more to them than the money to come later.

Builders make money by building and also selling the homes, so they strive to keep their inventory low. Although they may not lower the prices of the property, real estate agents can push for incentives like covering property taxes, insurance, closing costs, and free upgrades. Doing so benefits not only you but also the buyer.

Consider Using the Builder’s Preferred Lender

The choice to use the builder’s lender may earn you more incentives and lower the overall costs of constructing the house. However, you should not automatically choose this lender; it would be best to consider other alternatives as you may come across more attractive and affordable options. The loan the buyer decides to acquire should work best for them rather than the builder.

Set the Right Expectations

A builder’s model home always includes upgrades from the base model, so it would be best to have the right expectations before taking your initial step towards owning a custom home. Prepare your clients on what to expect during the tour of the model home and make sure you get a clear picture of the standard options. You must also inquire about the additional options and how much they cost.

The model home usually has excellent features and upgrades, so it would be a great idea to buy it. Make sure the house your client will get has most of the features found in the model home. Additionally, the builder will often put the house on the market once the construction of the community is nearly complete, so watch out for this opportunity.

Get Everything in Writing

It is more binding to have every necessary detail in writing. Builders come with comprehensive building agreements written by attorneys that cover every little aspect of the transaction. To ensure you get a good deal before you sign anything, make sure you read it carefully and even consult a real estate attorney.

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