Tips For Finding And Winning Inheritance Home Listings


One is not limited to any options when looking for real estate property to buy. Some of the most attractive pieces of property one can invest in are the inherited homes due to several reasons. Most real estate agents who have not been very successful in selling homes have admitted that they found it easy to sell inherited homes. Surprisingly, there are many leads on inherited homes and finding one that I suitable for you should not be hard. Lastly, the owners are always willing to sell since they do not need them and just want to get their hands on the money and over two-thirds of these houses have their mortgages paid off. In this article, we will look at the various ways you can use to find and win inherited home listings so that you do not struggle anymore.

Why Should You List Inherited Homes?

It has been mentioned that getting an inherited home for sale is quite simple and this can be broken down to a couple of reasons. No one wants to continue paying up property taxes for a home that they do not live in, and if you come around and offer a way out for them, they will be very willing to list with you. It has been seen that the mortgages for most of these houses have been cleared and selling them offers the owners pure profit. Who could not use a couple of extra dollars that they had not budgeted for?

While the inheritance area might appear to be straightforward, it is not that way as this area offers challenges and opportunities as well. The huge problem here is finding the inherited home listings. However, the opportunity that comes with this challenge is that other areas that people deal with commonly have an easy source of leads and since everyone is focused over there, you get less competition. Inherited homes will ask more from you, and most agents want quick listings that are not definitely the inherited house listings. Time is money, and no one would want to spend their time digging into the inherited house listings.

Finding Inheritance Listing Leads

The two main options you have when looking for inheritance listing leads are through buying them from websites like or going local. When purchasing them, remember that they are very different and ensure that you are buying quality leads. This will help you to avoid investing your money in leads that won’t be of any help to you. Going local can ask a lot from you, but it will yield you the best results. You can go to your local property appraiser’s site and key in the zip code for the locale that you want to search for. Avoid property that is listed as life estate and the circumstances under such houses are different. You need to focus on the regular estates and then download your list. Once you have pointed them out, you have to find the heir to the property. You could find that when you look at the details of the individual who paid the taxes but court records could be the most accurate source. Once you get the heir, you have your contact, and it might be prudent to cross-check the information to ascertain that you are dealing with the right people.

Note that going for the online approach requires an extra measure of proving whether the home is already listed. Finding the leads is one thing but finalizing on the rest of the process will also call for some effort, and you need to send your contact your booklet with an attached cover page. It would help if you gave them the impression that you are there to help and it is easy to do this by following up on the matter after giving them the book. You can hint to them about a real estate firm or expert who can fix the home before it is appraised. In a nutshell, show these people that you are there to make the entire process more comfortable for them. If they live outside that town, something that happens more often than not, you should offer to check up on the house regularly so that they do not have to travel from time to time. At times, the little efforts you put in will help your case and try to offer a helping hand and see where it can get you.

Another strategy of finding the inheritance listings is through the court records as it has been hinted above. You can check out your local courthouse site for this data. When you get there, you will need to find all public records, and sometimes, a more precise Google search would do the trick. Look for the county probate records, and it will take you to the information you need on that website. After you get your leads, you can check them out on the independent appraiser’s site, and this will show you if the lead is valid or not. If you find it hard to look for this information, you could contact someone working at the courthouse to tell you how you can get these leads.


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