The value of choosing an estate agency that utilises video to sell your property



It’s estimated that around 82% of all consumer internet traffic is video-based, meaning that we’re watching more video than ever before. And it’s not just YouTube and TikTok that grabs our attention. Consumers are looking to brands that use video to inform their purchase decisions and learn more about businesses, services and products. And there are few purchases as big or as important as buying a property. 

When it comes to selling your home, you want to place it in the hands of a competent and experienced agency, but choosing one which utilises video offers several advantages over an agency that just uses their website to promote properties. 

Why use video in the property sector?

Video marketing is a highly effective way to promote a property, yet there are still so many agencies neglecting this type of content. As anyone who has purchased or even rented a property before will know, high quality photography makes all the difference to how a property is perceived and the likelihood that you’ll book a viewing. But even if the photos are great, it can be hard to really get a feel for whether a property is right for you. 

That’s where video comes in. Video can help to generate valuable page views on an estate agent’s website, with research suggesting that pages with embedded video achieve higher organic search results than those without, with video receiving up to 50 times the organic page ranks compared to plain text results. As one videography and social media marketing agency agrees, 86% of people have been convinced to buy a product or try a service after watching a video, making video marketing a worthwhile addition to any property marketing strategy. 

Video has the potential to make listings far more appealing and to increase engagement, which is great news for sellers who want the offers to come rolling in as quickly as possible. As a property seller, you need the agency you work with to present your home in the best possible light, and video is a fantastic way to ensure that anyone interested in buying a home can see the unique features that set your property apart. 

Property videos can put an agency in a better marketing position, not just for increasing visibility but also providing a more persuasive listing that encourages people to click through. This type of distinguishing feature ensures each property stands out among others on the market, and gives a home the edge which could put sellers in a better position when it comes to negotiating a higher price. 

Generate reliable leads

When choosing an estate agency to represent your home, you need to question how they’re getting people to look at their listings and how they’re booking people in to view your property. It’s not enough to have just anyone come to tour your home. You want the leads they bring in to be qualified, reliable and interested in the property, to increase the chances of them putting in an offer. And with video, you can bring in up to 60% more qualified leads

Having numerous viewers may look good on the surface, but if they aren’t the right type of buyer, it’s a waste of their time and yours. Compelling property videos that strike a balance between interior and exterior shots are an effective way to showcase a property so that the people who get in touch have a better idea if the property will be suitable for them. 

Preempt questions early on

Video makes it easier for interested parties to see more of your home, from garages and outbuildings to the surrounding location and layouts. This means you and your agent won’t waste time fielding questions about the property over and over again. With a video tour, you’re able to show more of the home so viewers can see for themselves if there are radiators in the property, for example, or where the kitchen is in relation to the living room when used in conjunction with the layout, to provide more context. 

Similarly, as a potential client of the agency, being able to view their videos about the business, their processes and the other types of homes they sell can help you determine if they’re the right agency for you, without you needing to contact each one individually. This saves you valuable time during what is already a stressful period when you’re planning a move, without you having to make a decision without the right information. Videos enable you as a consumer to quickly connect with an agency and determine if they’re the right business for you to work with. 

Create an emotional response

Emotions are a big driver in all our purchasing decisions, but especially with a home. In fact, if you can spark an emotional response in someone when it comes to your property, you’re halfway there in having them put an offer in because they’ll be able to imagine themselves in the property. 

Estate agents who make the best use of video for promoting properties for their clients can craft those videos to induce strong emotions in viewers, from carefully chosen music and editing to lighting and considered shots of the surrounding location so that people viewing can get a sense of what it would be like to live in the property. It is more likely to appeal to their emotions which means they’re more likely to get in touch and book an appointment. Video adds real value to your listing and as a seller, anything your agency can do to enhance your property listing and make it stand out is worthwhile. 

Property agents need to use video to bring in more qualified leads and to build interest and engagement with properties, which means sellers need to choose agencies that understand the benefits that video marketing can bring. Videos convey credibility to an agency and are an effective way to showcase a property, so in choosing an agency that utilises video, sellers can be sure their home is being represented in the best possible light.

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