The Ultimate Builder’s Equipment List



The construction industry is an area where you’re likely to find a wide range of tools. As technologies advance, new ones emerge. There are so many of these tools that it would nearly be impossible to create a construction starter pack.


Different technicians use different tools based on their preferences. However, some tools are hard to ignore in building anything at all, from a pet house to a six-foot megastructure. On that note, consider this article the ultimate builder’s equipment list as you will find all the essential tools you cannot do away with as a builder.


Measuring tape

Building is an ancient art that has long existed before this current generation. Over the years, processes evolve as human needs change. However, one activity in construction that has stuck with builders is measuring.


The act of measuring building materials is used for almost every construction deliverable. Builders need measuring tapes to determine how long, wide and thick construction materials are. Therefore, measuring tapes are very indispensable to builders all over the world.


Builders use measuring tapes right from the onset when demarcating the site on which the construction happens. Its use continues through the process until everything has been executed.



A level is a must-have in every builder’s toolbox. As they build new projects and repair old ones, builders often need a level to verify points on the same horizontal plane. There are several types of levels. The common ones used by builders include the spirit and optical levels.



Construction is a heavy activity, or at least it used to be. In recent years, technology has transformed the sector significantly. Construction companies are now leveraging new technologies to enhance efficiency and sustainability.


On construction sites, builders often experiment with several chemicals that necessitate the wearing of gloves. There is a vast range of gloves on the market, with more people opting for market-leading brands.



The advocacy for the construction industry to go green heightens every day. Now more than ever, construction companies are expected to integrate sustainable principles into their processes. Many of these principles have, at their core, efficient land use management and energy utilization.


As more and more buildings are going vertical instead of horizontal, the use of ladders continues to increase. Depending on the project, builders can use long scaffolds, extension ladders or relatively shorter steps.


The most important indicator to look out for in purchasing or using a builders ladder is its safety. There are reports which indicate that work-related injuries and fatalities keep increasing. And most of these cases result from slips, trips and falls.


Ladder manufacturing companies and retailers are gradually integrating builder concerns in their design and productions. In buying a ladder, look out for extra footings which can be drilled to the grounds as you climb up.



Hammers are some of the oldest construction tools which have evolved with time. There are several types of hammers, and they all play an essential role for builders. Builders tend to use the ball peen and claw hammers for general purposes. Others are reserved for more specific tasks.


Sledgehammers, for instance, are used for breaking surfaces that contain rock layers. Builders typically use sledgehammers in renovating and demolishing works.


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