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I can still remember years ago when we discussed emerging innovations from gadgets to machines to buildings, etc. I thought having Bluetooth devices is already the coolest. These innovations might not be a surprise, but new inventions and improvements are still so amazing!


Now, a lot of improvements have emerged, especially that it’s all partnered with technology. Almost all infrastructures now are made with advanced technology (read here).


However, not all are happy about innovations and making things new. Some people want something preserved. Whether it’s a building, a landscape, or anything that has great value to them because of the memories, others are not approving because of the rich history of the place.


Some of the reasons why some don’t like improvement are as follows:


       ●       If the city has little to no more greens or trees, building a new infrastructure may be the reason. If they need to work on an area full of trees, they will cut it down.


However, rules and regulations are being implemented that whenever you cut trees for the infrastructures that you are doing, you need to plant seedlings as a replacement do


       ●       Big companies with significant buildings also produce huge garbage thrown in the city. You might be worried that this new business in town will cause pollution or any harm.


Do not worry because rules are provided to them by the government about their proper waste disposal and all. There are also punishments for those who are not compliant.


Reasons For Developing An Area

Even for non-experts, we can already say that a community is developed by just looking at the infrastructures. There are reasons why development is encouraged. Following are some of them:


       1.       Impact On The Community’s Economy

If a new building is being built in your community, it means business is being put up. If a building is being renovated or extended, it means business is growing. This is a good sign for the community because the more companies, the higher the economy!


Moreover, it also means more job opportunities! Job seekers from your community will be thankful for it. They will have a chance to work in their community.


       2.        Improvement Of Other Infrastructures

When new infrastructure is being built, the government will require the company to fix the road and any public areas near the place where the building will rise. This means new infrastructure in public areas, and the government may save from spending for the renovation and upkeep of public places!


       3.       Attract More Tourists

A city that’s developed would have a better chance of being visited by tourists, thus, more income for the community. Your city will also be known, especially if you have unique skyscrapers and anything that’s simply amazing.


       4.       Infrastructures Make Cities Sustainable

As mentioned above, there is a great chance of employment in your city, making it sustainable. People from there do not need to go to faraway places to have a job; the government will also receive the taxes because of the booming businesses in their city.




An Expert’s Advice

A lot of experts are known when it comes to businesses. One of them is Costas Polycarpou, a facilities management expert in the United Kingdom. He is known for all his works and advice that have worked in businesses.


Some of his great advice includes the development of a building in a way where it’s still likable to many. His style consists of the renovation of an old infrastructure into something that complements the area more than it used to be.


As for the buildings with a rich history, he also has a great idea- through refurbishing. This needs some restoration of most defining features and needs to replace plumbing, electrical support, and controls of access, etc.


For those who have infrastructures that are already in good shape, you have to maintain it and check from time to time if some problems or jobs need to be done. This should be done by an expert who knows how to check every single detail of an infrastructure.


All in all, Costas Polycarpou believes and suggests the development of all, not just for improving infrastructure, but the whole company itself and every single part of it.

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