Strategies for Generating Quality Real Estate Leads – A Guide for New Agents


Whenever you are a new real estate agent, you are often champing at the bit to sell houses and get out there with the community. You know that you can get your customers the right home that they will love, and you can see those commission checks right before your eyes. However, no one is biting on what you are selling, and you’ve got no leads.

Getting your foot in the door with some high quality leads, or any leads at all, can seem impossible for a new agent learning the ropes, especially if you see all the experienced agents and real estate companies doing it. So, what are you to do? Well, there’s a few things you can start doing in order to make sure that you can get good quality leads without spending all your time on lead generation. 

Here are some strategies that will get some customers in front of you.

Build Your Credibility

One of the biggest hurdles that new real estate agents face, whether they are striking out on their own or working within a larger company, is the bias towards experienced agents. It is completely understandable, because getting a new home involves a lot of questions, insider knowledge, and requires a lot of money changing hands. So home buyers and sellers want to make sure they are working with the best possible real estate agent in order to make the process go smoothly for everyone.

You might not have a lot of the experience or the tricks and lessons that come with all of that, but that doesn’t mean you have to be out of the running. You can create and show off a well-crafted home sales consultant resume which shows all the experience you do have. You had to take the educational requirements just like everyone else, and you have your own skill set. A good and polished resume will make sure that everyone sees what you bring to the table.

You can also build your credibility by building a brand for yourself, make yourself indispensable to work with and provide a different point of view for your clients. Look at all the other realtors around you and see what they aren’t providing or aren’t doing for their clients, and then see if you can fill those holes.

Be Active On Social Media And Emails

Additionally, if your business or your real estate company has a social media presence (and they should) don’t be afraid to be active on there. Network to potential buyers and sellers, talk to people who have questions, give free advice, and then direct them back to your company and you specifically. If you give a ton of value for free to people, they will want to see what you will do if you pay them.

You can also use targeted social media ads to connect people to your business, and to the homes they want to buy. For example, if you have a lot of homes that are perfect for 20 somethings, you can create ads tailored to that market and bring the clients to you.

You never know who is in the market for a home, so don’t ever stop reaching out and being valuable right from the get go. People will remember that!

Don’t Give Up

You could use every single strategy under the sun to get clients, but the biggest and best strategy is persistence. As long as you keep trying new things and keep sharing your value, you will get where you need to go and soon have more clients than you can handle.

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