Six of the Most Unique Properties to Live In



65% of all first-time buyers in the US feel it’s impossible to get on the property ladder in the current market. This figure just keeps on rising and with the current rate of inflation, it’s getting even harder for young people to conquer the dream of owning a home of their own.

However, all hope is not lost. While a standard brick and mortar house may be off the cards for a while, that doesn’t mean to say you can’t get your place that would also be an investment in your financial future.

Let’s take a look at the most unique properties that offer a solution to traditional home buying.

1.   A Houseboat

The cost of a boat is often a fraction of the price of a house and the best thing is, you can go almost anywhere! Moving cities for a new job? Just lift your anchor! Visiting family out of state? You can sail there! Fancy a weekend away? There’s no need to even book a hotel!

Houseboats are a perfect solution for first-time buyers who perhaps don’t own a lot of furniture yet and wouldn’t have a problem moving into a smaller living space. One thing’s for sure, there would be plenty of adventures of a houseboat.

2.   A Temporary Structure

So bricks and cement are a little costly right now, but have you considered a makeshift structure, such as a barndominium? You don’t need to worry if the wolf tries to huff and puff and blow your house down because these structures are incredibly disaster-resistant and can withstand winds of up to 70-80 mph.

Homeowners can completely customize their barndominium, complete with custom kitchens, light fixtures, and unique doors and windows. It’s the perfect solution if you’re not up for taking on a huge amount of debt with a standard home.

3.   A Shipping Container

Now hear us out on this one. Shipping containers are one of the sturdiest structures and are a fraction of the price of a home. They can be put together to create whatever sized space you need and can be easily painted and decorated.

We recommend getting it well insulated to stay warm in the winter, but once that’s done, you can install anything from floor to ceiling windows, a log burner, or even a chandelier if you want to!

4.   A Trailer

Trailers often get a bad reputation but if they’re good enough for world-renowned surgeon Derek Shepard, then we think we can get on board. Cast your mind to a vintage trailer with a new lick of paint, some fairy lights strung up and even a front porch added, and you have your perfect setup.

The only part you need to consider carefully is obtaining or renting some land to put your trailer on.

5.   AirBnB’s

So, you’re waiting to get on the property ladder but don’t want to waste your money on renting, right? An Airbnb could offer an in-the-middle solution as they’re often cheaper than long-term rental contracts and you can find some pretty unique stays.

An Airbnb could be ideal if you’re saving up the last part of your deposit and need a place to stay for less than 6 months. Check out some of the most unique Airbnb stays in the US here

6.   A Converted School Bus

An old school bus probably seems like the least hospitable place to relax and hang out, however, converted school buses have become something of a trend in recent years. People are taking to completely converting them into portable homes, complete with comfy double mattresses, fully working kitchens, a dining table, and even a working bathroom and a log burner.

While you may need a little cash behind you to convert the bus initially, once this is done, you’ll have a fully mobile luxury tiny home!



So, while the property market is a huge challenge for first-time buyers right now, there’s plenty of other solutions to float your boat while getting together that deposit, or even opting to bypass societal norms and find a more unique home for life!



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