Reasons Why You Should Invest in Self Storage Real Estate


Self-storage businesses provide customers who are space-strapped with secure places to keep things they do not require right now but may need in the future.

Statistics indicate that self-storage businesses generate about $22 billion revenues in the United States every year. It provides developers, investors, and entrepreneurs with a chance to expand or diversify their investments with confidence. This sector has actually proven to be one of the most promising real estate sections over the past decade.

Reasons why you should invest in self-storage real estate:

1) Self-storage yields steady returns.

Self-storage investments are less risky compared to other types of investments within the real estate industry. With self-storage investments, you are promised steady returns from monthly payments. Even if there are vacancies within the storage units, you are likely to make a relatively higher net profit than many other types of real estate ventures.

2) Self-storage withstands bad and good times.

Self-storage unit investments are known to be recession-resistant. Any person, regardless of his or her level of experience, can invest in this sector. This is because it has low cost and low risk. It is also easy to navigate. Facilities such as Hollywood Storage Center are really doing well.

Self-storage unit investments do well when businesses have positive cash flow, when the economy is performing well, and when employment is high. During this period, people buy clothing, furniture, collectibles, and related materials to add to their increasing collection of assets.

After some time, they begin to become overwhelmed by the number of purchased items and require a place to keep them. Storage units give them the option of purchasing more goods than they actually need without throwing away the older ones.

During bad times, storage units will also do well. People will store their items in the units, hoping that a better market is around the corner. During this time, they pay an agreed amount every month.

3) Self-Storage investments are  growing.

Statistics indicate that in the United States alone, there are about 58,000 self-storage facilities. Nowadays, people prefer storing items, especially those to be used in the future, in self-storage facilities. This is the main reason why the demand for self-storage is increasing at a steady rate.

Real estate investment trusts have played an important role in enhancing the popularity of self-storage market. These companies create an enabling environment for people who specialize in this area. They also enhance the confidence of the investors.

4) Return on investment is high.

Self-storage companies are usually classified under developing markets. According to statistics, these companies tend to produce double-digit returns every year. With its good stabilization features, excellent returns are likely to continue in the future.

Self-storage is an excellent diversification solution. It brings important benefits that result in vigorous financial proposals. These benefits also indicate why self-storage is an excellent diversification solution.


Information provided above shows that there are many reasons why you should invest in self-storage real estate. With a small starting capital, you can start a business that will always do well regardless of the changes in the economy. It is actually one of the most stable real estate investments you can ever think of.


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