Realtors Can Benefit From Perch Innovation Calculator





If you are a homeowner then you know that every ten years you need to perform a thorough home renovation. Perch is one of the premium places to ask for a loan for home renovation, since it can give you the best possible rates. That ensures that you will be done with your renovation the soonest possible and then you can start finding a tenant for the home.

Many realtors also need to renovate homes that they have acquired through foreclosures and other bargains. These homes could easily be sold at a higher price when the renovation brings them back to their initial state. That’s how people react when the Perch site gives them more information about the money market and how it can benefit them to foresee the financial situation and make the right decision.

Let’s see now how realtors and other customers can benefit from the renovation services that the Perch site offers. They can easily give it a try to stabilize their financial situation and become the masters of their lives.

You Get An Idea of The Innovation Costs

First, when you are a realtor who needs to sell a home sooner than later, it’s better to know all about the renovation costs. Perch site has a comprehensive calculator where you can have a rough estimate of all the innovation costs according to the real living surface of every home. That is a very convenient service since you can present real data to the customers about the additional costs they need to make to have a livable home.

Not to mention that it’s easier to negotiate the price with previous owners who want to sell their home when you know how much it costs to renovate their place and restore it to the initial position. In many cases, it’s true that homeowners agree to a lower selling price for their homes when the realtors present them real data of what is the market price of the renovation needed to make the home livable again.

That could also mean increased commissions for the realtors who can take a chunk of the rates when they are agreeing to a certain renovation loan or even combine it with the actual mortgage to succeed better rates.

You Can Separate The Cost of Materials and Labor

A big issue about renovation costs would be the separation between the materials and the labor cost. It’s a balance that remains hidden from the customers, and no contractor will agree to show his profit rate to the customers. However, Perch receives real data from the market to give you a rough estimate of the materials cost, which is one of the biggest when you renovate. Then you can estimate what it costs for people to work and renovate their homes, and that’s where you can still negotiate for better prices and make the contractor look like the bad guy. 

Realtors Can Estimate the Real Home Value Upon Renovation

Perch has created a very impressive tool for home renovation, especially for realtors who want to sell home fast. When you fully renovate your home, then realtors should be in position to estimate the home value at this time. Even though your home could be more than 20 years old, it could approach the costs for the new homes since a good renovation can make it look brand new. After all, it’s about a location where homes have variable values and become more and more popular among the people who want to buy one.

Perch May Also Give You Loans for Home Renovation

At the end, it’s better to know that through Perch, you can also find loans for home renovation that can be sold separately or together with a basic mortgage. Some people prefer to have a mortgage in one bank and a renovation loan in another. Both are acceptable, but as a realtor, you need to be in a position to propose the right combination to your customers.

Perch gives such solutions to homeowners and gives them more incentives to work harder and make the smart choice faster than others who just wait for better bargains and never buy anything.

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