Miami Florida Real Estate Developers Get A Boost As Alex Kleyner’s ABK Capital Enter The Market




After the real estate market crash of 2008, things changed in the real estate financing industry. Originally, real estate was looked at as the safest investment for both lenders and property owners. After the crash, however, people started viewing real estate differently. It is no longer seen as the safest investment by lenders. That is why it has been challenging for property developers to secure financing from banks and other mainstream lenders of the last decade. The available funding options for real estate development projects seem to be limited. Fortunately, a Miami born and raised twenty year old Alex Kleyner started ABK Capital a few years ago. Kleyner’s ABK Capital offers a wide range of financing options, including mezzanine financing.


Services Offered by ABK Capital


i) Senior Secured Loans


Developers in the initial stages of developing land can benefit from the secured loans offered by Alex Kleyner’s ABK Capital. These loans are usually tied to the actual value of the property and are fully-secured. The rate of interest charged on these loans are usually low while the level of financing is up to 100% of the property value. The money can be used to develop raw land or for the actual construction of the building. ABK Capital is focused on providing affordable funding to as many real estate projects as possible in South Florida and the surrounding areas.                                                                                                                                                    


ii) Mezzanine Financing


If a project has already been financed and the building has been developed up to the first floor, the developer can apply for mezzanine financing at ABK Capital. This is an unsecured lending option that’s solely based on the ability of a project to generate profits when complete. It is a high-risk investment for Miami based ABK Capital, but the team at ABK Capital knows how to assess projects to determine the level of risk and level of financing to offer at a given rate of interest. This financing is best suited for projects that do not meet the conventional and strict requirements of banks, and falls between senior secured real estate financing and equity financing. With mezzanine financing, developers can complete construction works to a point where they can easily get equity funding with improved terms and conditions.


Equity Financing for Commercial Projects


If you have a commercial development, you can easily get equity funding from ABK Capital to help improve the potential of a commercial property to generate income and profits. If you lack the history and track record needed by mainstream lenders, you can turn to ABK capital for equity financing. With this funding, developers and sponsors can easily cover cost overruns and increase returns while reducing overall risks in a project.


Real Estate Debt Refinancing


In addition to senior secured loans, mezzanine financing and equity financing, Alex Kleyner’s financing arm offers capital to help develop Miami-Dade, Broward, and South Florida real estate through debt refinancing. Developers with non-performing loans can have these loans bought off by ABK Capital through debt refinancing. This will help boost the credit rating of the company and potentially prevent bankruptcy.




Why Choose ABK Capital?


i) Expert Service


ABK Capital has assembled a team of experts in customer service, loan appraisal and finance. As a result, the company is able to offer an expert service to all their clients.


ii) Speedy Execution


After getting in touch with the company and submitting an application, clients can expect their application to be approved in a matter of hours or a few days regardless of the loan amount required. This is because ABK Capital has a competent team of experts who work fast to ensure project developers get the financing they need within the shortest time possible.


iii) Great Terms and Conditions


Regardless of the type of financing you require for your real estate project, you can be assured of getting convenient terms and conditions. The loans offered by ABK Capital are structured to meet the unique needs of different types of clients handling different types of construction projects.

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