Innovative Real Estate Websites Worldwide

Real Estate has for long needed a shake-up and is now ripe for disruption and an injection of technology and investment to drag it into modern times. In today’s fast-moving real estate market, knowing a property’s data and potential as an investment is very crucial. Many agents have ensured this by giving their websites a modern outlook.


Below we have prepared a comprehensive list of the most innovative real estate websites worldwide.

Stein New York – New York, NY performs superbly through the application of a polished design and a sharp full-screen background images to showcase the elegance and luxury New York City properties. The pared-down design elements blend very well with the stylish gray and navy blue color scheme, creating a very well-polished overall appearance. The perfect use of accent colors, subdued palette, and clean lines embody everything that is New York – chic, brimming with energy and modern. Easy navigations are paired with subtle animations. The website has an uncomplicated user interface and allows content and the design to shine.

Carol Staab – Manhattan, NY

A visit to the excellent Carol Staab’s website will make you fall in love with the cityscape in Manhattan. The website has a distinctive logo and a perfect evening skyline which appear prominently on both the homepage and the background. The resources offered on this website back up the straightforward branding of the agency. It has a user-friendly properties section which neatly organizes the listings into ‘Rentals,’ ‘Closed,’ and ‘Sold.’ ‘The Pulse’ section of the website showcases up-to-date blog posts and market reports of the Manhattan luxury real estate market.

Perfect Property, Ireland


Perfect Property in Ireland is one of the fastest growing real estate agents in the world. Their website is very user-friendly with important links that navigate you to the property search tool. The homepage highlights the essentials in an elegant and streamlined manner to avoid bombarding the visitors with too much information. There is an interactive map search right below the video banner which can get you started on hours of virtual property shopping. The layout of the website is well-organized and well-spaced making the navigation through the page seamless. Also notable are the detailed community pages with information on various neighborhoods.

Sheerin Feizi Group – Delray Beach, FL

From the smooth transition animation effects and edge-to-edge community photos that that welcomes you to the site, Sheerin Feizi’s agent website is a visual delight. The vibrant images contrasted with its clean color scheme captures the spirit of the visitors. From commercial property investors, sellers, to buyers, the information featured on the site is tailored to all kind of audiences.

Egypt Sherrod – Atlanta, GA

Egypt Sherrod’s real estate website is known for its style and substance. The site uses a modern color scheme and a purple accent throughout the website to showcase the signature flair of the agent in a tasteful manner. The homepage of the site strikes the perfect balance between design and content. While there is a lot of information featured on the homepage – from preferred vendor details to helpful real estate blog posts, to featured properties across greater Atlanta – they use a layout that ensures that the page is not overwhelmed.

The most crucial feature of a real estate website is its informative search results. An innovative website should provide the visitors with as much information about the property as possible in an impressive way. There should be enough information on the site for every query entered by a client. However, the information should not be too much that it bombards the visitor.

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