How to Write a Captivating Real Estate Brochure


Marketing rules the world. Living in 2022 means being constantly surrounded by marketing strategies, whether you are a seller or a buyer. In the sphere of real estate, it is especially recommended to use effective methods of promoting your products. If you think that brochures are already a thing of the past, you are totally mistaken. At least, there exist digital ones.

By reading this article, you can find some of the most effective tips for writing an attractive real estate brochure. Still, if you are unsure of your writing skills, there are services where you can buy admission essay or ask for help in writing such types of advertisements. So, let us say it is the first and the easiest method you can use. Otherwise, if you want to become an expert in writing brochures, proceed with reading this article.


1. Pay Special Attention to the Title

It should not be dull, gray, dry, and get lost in the flow of thousands of similar titles. Unusualness and brightness that catch – that’s what the buyer will like. In addition: brevity, topicality, simplicity, and comprehensibility.

Quite a lot of requirements, isn’t it? But try to approach the issue from a different angle: look at your project through the eyes of a customer. What is the most important to you? Of course, the practical side is more significant than the wrapper. Still, in the world of advertising, one word can change everything.

2. Prepare a Ground

Before writing any message, you must figure out to whom you will address it. Try to assess which target audience might be interested in your real estate. For example, a tiny cozy studio is suitable for a young family with a modest income or a single person. Still, it would not be appreciated by a family with many children. 

Thus, you need to focus on the features that are perfectly suitable for your target audience. Appeal directly, as if you were standing in front of a person. This way, you will exert more influence and get a response more quickly.

3. Be Honest but Hide Drawbacks

It is quite an art. How to say everything while trying to cover the parts that might not be very positive? The basic rule is to tell the truth, but not all of it. Not sticking out the shortcomings of the house does not mean deceiving.

It is not the best idea to talk about the “wonderful view from the window” if it overlooks the supermarket backyard. If the flat requires refurbishment, do not offer your customers to start living there right away.

4. Provide as Much Info as Possible

Though it might not be in line with the previous tip, you must make the brochure as informative as possible. Try to answer all the potential questions of your target audience. 

 – Write the city and the name of the street – people who need accommodation begin their search by choosing a district.
 – Indicate the number of floors the house has and the materials it is built of (brick, block, monolith, or panel).
 – Mention the number of rooms and whether they are separate or adjacent.
 – Write the overall area, with kitchen and bathroom including.
 – Indicate whether the bathroom is combined or separate and whether there is a full bath or a shower cabin installed.

5. Nothing Without Photos

The photo in the ad is the first acquaintance of a potential buyer with your property. Of course, the ideal option is to hire a professional photographer who specializes in shooting real estate and knows how to “sell” this or that object. Still, with the help of some pieces of advice, you will be able to take decent photos too.

 – Remove all items, personal photos, souvenirs, etc. Such things distract attention and create an impression of a cluttered space.
 – Make sure the light is correct to see everything with the naked eye.
 – Do not focus much on details. Sometimes, when offering an apartment for rent, people provide photos that are quite “out of topic.” These might be pictures of flowers or food, cups, or towels. Such details are not the main priority for people who want to find a perfect housing option.
 – Add a scheme of the technical plan so that the buyer can see in detail what the house is like.

6. The Price

The best advertisement for real estate necessarily contains the exact cost of rent or purchase. Statistics show that around half of the ads, without an exact price, are simply ignored by the reader. Why is this happening?

When looking at a perfect and colorful ad for a stylish apartment, the client can imagine a completely different price from what is in reality. Unattractive housing will not be considered an option, while a luxury one will seem unaffordable.

In order not to waste time considering unsuitable variants, the buyer will simply not call. Thus, always make sure you are clear and honest with the exact price indicated in the brochure.


7. What to Avoid

While there are phrases that you would better use in the ad, there also exist those that make customers run away. How to figure out which words or cliches not to use?

 – “Urgent sale” seems not to be the best bait. Such calls to action might work if you are selling not an expensive object. In the case of real estate, do not put much pressure on the potential buyers. Give them time to consider all the pros and cons before dealing with you.
 – Embellishing reality. At first, such a “perfectly composed” announcement will be of interest, though the reality will eventually appear on the surface.
 – Using a large number of abbreviations. This style of writing makes the text annoying. So, most likely, the potential buyer will not read it to the end but rather move on to more captivating ads.

Final Words

Dealing with real estate is a serious business. Thus, all the steps must be thought out in advance and prepared. If you choose the right strategy from the very beginning, it will definitely have a successful outcome in the end. Try your best, do not stop writing, and enjoy a new wave of clients.

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