How to Prepare For An Open House Like a Pro



Open houses are your chances to show potential buyers exactly what they can expect to find should they buy your property. This is about making sure that you show off all that the property has to offer, as well as helping that potential buyer imagine what a home could look like here.


Getting the preparation right for an open home is absolutely critical, and each step could be the difference between making a sale or not. Potential buyers want you to show them what their lives could be inside the property, and here is how to ensure that this is exactly what you deliver.


Declutter The Space


Cleaning of the property is of course necessary, but so too is a good declutter. Look to remove around half of your belongings from the home and keep them in a storage container. The key here is not showing off a lived-in home, but the beginnings of what a home could really look like. Focus on keeping your best looking belongings and create a minimalist look which potential buyers will adore. Whilst you need to create the feeling of home, you need to give some space for visitors to imagine their own items here.


If you have bought furniture for your new home, feel free to use this here to give an even more impressive appeal. Your new table and chair set from Papaya Australia for example, can be used to sell the old home before adding it to your beautiful new property.


Making It Shine


You should always use a professional cleaning company in the property ahead of an open house, because your entire property needs to glisten. From the countertops to the light switches, the wooden flooring up to the ceiling, there should be no blemishes or dirt visible.


Paint The Door


Painting your front door will make it look much more inviting and put potential buyers in a positive frame of mind. Given that low cost and the minimal effort which is required to paint the door, there really is no reason not to do it, and it will make a serious difference. Another great option here is to buy a new welcome mat, which again encourages a positive frame of mind when entering.


Play The Buyer


It is important that your mindset is that of someone looking at this property for the very first time. To get this right you should walk in through the front door and gaze at every angle, every nook and cranny of the space. This could result in you realizing that the leafy gutters need cleaning as it ruins the view from the bedroom window, or that cracked door which you forgot to fix under the stairs. Potential buyers will look everywhere in your home, from closets to drawers, make sure all of it stands up to scrutiny.




Make sure that you remove any photos or posters which give the sense of someone living in the property. Buyers need to be able to conjure up images of them living in the space and adding their own personalization.


How The Property Smells


Some real estate agents swear by smells such as freshly baked bread or a just-brewed pot of coffee, however this may not always be the right move. A far smarter idea is to play it safe and use neutralizer spray in the home prior to the open house, and during the visit. Studies have shown that your chances of getting an offer have less to do with you suggesting an idea, and much more to do with creating a neutral space.


Creating Space


And finally you should look to organize items and furniture in the property in such a way which creates the largest amount of space possible. This will help small rooms look bigger and help potential buyers dream up what they would do with the area.


Getting the prep work right will be the difference between getting that offer or not, so be sure that you give it the time it needs.

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