How to get 100% funding for property developers



All real estate developers and property builders can agree that finding substantial funding is one of the most challenging factors. While the process of market research, finding the right location, understanding the target audience and findings new and unique ideas for development requires years of research and can be rather daunting, none of it means anything unless developers and builders can secure funding. Finding property investors, securing loans at low rates of interest and using various crowdfunding platforms are just some of the many ways by which real estate developers and builders try raising finance for property development. If you’re a builder or property developer who is looking for a foolproof method to raise finance for your upcoming project, a way to secure 100 per cent funding for your next project, then here are some tools and suggestions that will prove to be rather beneficial.

Find funding and lending websites


One of the best ways to secure 100 per cent funding for your project or development is finding a professional, reliable and successful funding website. Specifically, a funding or lending website that has been created for property developers. Sqft Capital is one such website. This website has been created solely for UK real estate developers to raise funding and model deals quickly, successfully and consistently. Sqft Capital prides itself in finding the right funding level, including 100 per cent funding, to ensure the highest profit for your project while keeping the equity amount to a minimum. The average GDV project that this company raises funding on is £4,640,130. So, if you’re a property developer looking for property development finance for your upcoming project, you might want to get in touch with Sqft Capital.

Apply for a loan online


Real estate developers and builders can always apply for a loan online. Most of these websites that provide online loans have years of experience in the real estate industry and are experts at finding the right investor or investors for you. More often than not, these funding companies can provide 100 per cent funding thanks to their unlimited options of lending partners, which could range from high-net-worth individuals to multinational corporations and high turnover companies. Some of the key factors that play a role in securing funding from such websites are the name of the builder, years in the business, brand name, and the number of completed projects.

Consider joint venture finance


A joint venture, also known as joint venture development funding or equity development funding, is when two or more developers pool their resources and finances to fund a project. Usually, these multiple developers pool their resources until the completion of the project. If one or more of the builders or developers are experienced and have a brand name in the industry, it is effortless to secure 100 per cent funding for the upcoming project. One of the most significant benefits of joint venture funding is that developers can secure funding from one central source, making the process of repayment very easy and straightforward.

Real estate crowdfunding is always an option


There are so many crowdfunding websites online, specifically real estate crowdfunding websites. All these websites differ in their ways of acquiring customers and have different target markets, but the end goal is always the same – crowdfunding for upcoming real estate projects. From websites that attempt to match potential investors with the best investment to websites that source funding from multinational corporations and high turnover companies, there are so many options for you to secure funding for your next project. However, to secure 100 per cent funding using a crowdfunding option solely depends on the builder and the company’s reputation. The amount of funding that you get depends on the years your company has been in the real estate business, the number of completed projects, the brand name or brand image in the industry, and the amount of funding you are looking for.

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