How CRM software can help estate agents make all-important sales


As an estate agent, you’re used to juggling leads, closing sales and handling buyers, landlords and sellers. Whilst you relish this fast-paced career, the constant demands on your schedule can make it inherently difficult to maintain client relationships and keep your portfolio of properties moving. Often, it’s the menial tasks that take up most of your working day and when you don’t have the luxury of a 9-5 role in front of a desk, these tasks can quickly mount up.

Utilising CRM (customer relationship management) software can help make your paperwork responsibilities a breeze. Perfect for estate agents and their mobile working practices, a CRM tool ensures you have all the information, data and insights you need at your fingertips, all from one user-friendly application. Combine all this together and you have the perfect platform to help close deals and increase your sales.

Let’s examine how CRM software can help estate agents make those all-important sales.

Benefit 1: Centralised information at your fingertips

Whether you’re closing a sale or making contact for the first time, you can’t afford to be let down by unreliable glitches, smart devices, or reams of paper files, bursting from your briefcase or towering over your desk. You need access to crucial elements quickly, without wasting time searching for the right document or data. CRM software, available on this site, provides you with all the information you need in one centralised location.

This means every interaction you’ve had with a client, every document they’ve signed, property details and buyer/seller data are in one accessible place. These files are consistently updated and are accessible on the move, so whether you’re at home, in the office or at a property location, you’ll find the data you need with a couple of clicks.

Benefit 2: Foster connections with ease

As an estate agent, buyers aren’t just purchasing a property, they’re investing in you. It’s your role to evoke passion and excitement during every interaction, but without the right information, building rapport and trust with potential buyers isn’t as easy as it sounds. CRM software can tip the scales in your favour, by helping you craft a personalised sales approach.

By using the data collected and centralised in your CRM system, you’ll always have the latest information about your client available. Whether they’ve spoken to another member of your team, enquired about another property, or are having doubts about a purchase. Being able to step in and speak to them as individuals with a personalised approach, can help put them at ease and help you make a connection. It’s this trust that can guarantee a sale.

Benefit 3: Better organisation

When you work as an estate agent, you’re constantly in touch with a wide variety of people, handling all these enquiries, follow-ups and leads can be exhausting and it takes a lot of work to keep everything organised at a practical level. Implementing CRM software means you’re in better control of your leads, and you’ll be able to market specific properties more effectively to the right people. Closing a sale, just got much easier.

Final thoughts…

The benefits of a CRM software application within an estate agent role are huge. Closing sales and managing your leads is easier and much more manageable with CRM.

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