How can your real estate business improve its advertising and marketing efforts?



Retail estate is a booming market to be involved in currently with house pricing being higher than ever. The current average house price in the UK is £281,000 which means that there is a lot of commission opportunity for real estate businesses. 

However, there are more than 7000 other retail estate businesses that you will be competing with in order to get an agreement to sell properties around the UK. To stay ahead of the crowd, you need to deploy several different tactics to attract attention to your business. This could include first-class customer service, competitive rates, free solicitor fees but most importantly, great marketing and advertising. 

Not sure where to get started with your marketing efforts? We can help. Read on to find out how your real estate business can improve its advertising and marketing in order to attract more business and ultimately, more capital.

Utilise social media

If you’re looking to expand your reach then social media should be the place you start. With more than 57 million users in the UK, you can display your services and the beautiful homes you are currently selling. This will drive more people to view the houses that you’re selling as well as attract people to sell their homes with you too. 

The key to this is to use high-class imagery and videos to showcase the homes. This will display professionalism and catch the eye of the user.

Offline marketing

There’s still a lot of life left in offline marketing which is why real estate companies should still be doing it. A great way to provide information to potential buyers is through printed media. Include relevant images and information within booklets to provide buyers with everything they need to pass judgement on the house.

These booklets can then be passed on to other potential buyers which could help to bump up the price of sale. 

Email campaigns

Emails are one of the most effective digital marketing techniques. They allow you to connect and engage with new leads and existing clients as you provide them with relevant information that will help drive engagement towards your real estate business. Make the emails informative and not spammy and it’s sure to be a success. 

User-friendly website

Most visitors on websites now come from mobile devices, meaning websites need to be optimised for use. Pictures should fit properly, the loading speed must be relatively fast and information should be large enough to read.

To enhance your customer experience, try Including live chat features as well as FAQs that can be great for answering any questions that potential clients/buyers may have.

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