Home Improvements That Are Going To Quickly Increase Value


Any home is a serious investment. For many, it is the largest they will ever make. That is why, when you sell your home, you want to get as much money as possible.

The big misconception is that you have to start a serious remodeling project. This is not actually the case. There are so many different things that you can do to quickly increase property value. Some of the really effective options are presented below.

Adding Fast Curb Appeal

You can always start with your garage door for a very fast return on your investment. Changing the builder-grade worn-out garage door with something made out of steel will cost around $3,500 but it increases property value instantly by around 98% of this installation price. And the visual appeal is substantial so the interested buyer might pay more.

Think about smaller changes you can make that would make buyers interested in paying more for your home, like:

·       Landscaping changes

·       Cheap kitchen improvements

·       Pressure wash the home’s exterior

·       Replace visible hardware like knockers and doorknobs

·       Update porch lights

·       Plant succulents

·       Stage the porch

Installing Hardwood Floors

Upgrading or installing hardwood flooring is usually great since buyers almost always love it. According to most real estate agents out there, homes that have hardwood floors sell faster. Also, 90% of agents admit that they can get a higher price simply because of the presence of the hardwood floors.

While it is true that hardwood flooring is the best, many flooring upgrades can add property value. Talk to a real estate agent and a contractor to see your options.

Go Green

The younger generation embraces the eco-friendly lifestyle, with millennials leading the pack. The NAR (National Association of Realtors) highlights that millennials now have a market share of 34%, which makes it the largest buyer segment.

It is particularly important to consider the fact that those buyers who are more than willing to pay a lot really love green investments. Statistics show us that 66% of millennials want to pay more for sustainable, conservation-conscious products.

Some options you can take into account include wind turbines, eco-friendly filtration systems, and solar panels. You can replace attic insulation and add some money for weather stripping.

Create Summer Retreats

A home that has a pool can automatically obtain a much higher selling price. This goes for both above-ground and in-ground swimming pools. But, the in-ground option is definitely the better one since it is going to bring in the highest possible curb appeal.

The big thing about pools is that new buyers rarely think about installing one after becoming the owners. But, if the pool is already present, there is a much higher willingness that more money is going to be paid.

Final Thoughts

There are several home improvements you can do and many are going to improve property value. Those mentioned above are just some of the really good ones you can consider. Several others do exist and you can surely increase appeal without having to spend too much in the process.

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