GL Homes Ratings: Top Tier Reviews for 55-plus Communities


GL Homes has grown from a small startup to a prominent builder in Florida for more than four decades. With over 100,000 people living in these homes currently, the company is doing something right to keep people coming to them when building property in retirement communities.

Part of the reason why GL Homes does so well comes down to the positive reviews they have from clients online and excellent ratings. Keeping a great reputation takes a lot of effort in today’s world, but the company always goes the extra mile to ensure customers experience the difference.

The GL Homes Difference

This company is proud that it started in Florida and focuses only on building in the state. It might not seem like that big of a deal to an outsider, but Florida is very different from every other state in the United States. 

It is a tropical peninsula that requires knowledge ranging from what type of material to use for sturdiness during hurricanes to fitting in with the architecture around the rest of the state.

Everything is maximized for homeowners to get the most out of their living space. When building a home from scratch, they work directly with each client to get the exact look they are hoping for. Because they know the region well, the builders work better than their competition, making a huge difference.

Having a great home to enjoy during retirement is one thing, but having a great community around is equally important. That’s why this homebuilder focuses on building within communities on Florida’s east and west coasts. 

Whether it’s a slew of communities in Port St. Lucie or a chance to live near the big city of Tampa, communities matter to keep people feeling alive and fresh.

Customers coming to GL Homes want the entire Florida lifestyle experience. Fitness, swimming and general community events are all essentials. There also needs to be a nearby city center for options outside the actual community.

The Experience of GL Homes

A central selling point for these homes compared to the competition is that they have an experience that makes it nearly impossible for others to match. Many developers have discovered over the years that Florida is great for making money on housing. However, GL Homes launched in 1976 and has grown over that time little by little.

People get a prominent builder with a local, personal feel to the whole experience. They know all about the best locations in Florida and can work with people a second or even third time in many cases. There are plenty of customers who have only worked with this homebuilder while living in Florida for decades.

GL Homes stand by their product and everything they offer. When building the first time, it’s all about getting it right and meeting deadlines. If something isn’t right, all those issues are dealt with immediately. Staying committed to the customer is key to the GL Homes experience. 

Part of what makes the great experience overall comes down to doing little things for an advanced feel. It may not seem much by itself, but all these factors make a GL home different. With every new home, people can expect these subtle details and many others.

Concrete Block Construction

The traditional home built by GL Homes relies on steel-reinforced concrete block construction. This provides a solid and sturdy build while also cutting down on noise. 

Although a little bit costlier than alternatives, homeowners overwhelmingly respond to this option as a must-have. Have peace of mind knowing GL Homes homes are built using steel-reinforced concrete block construction

Windows and Doors Designed for Hurricane Safety

Impact windows and doors, and hurricane shutters are standard with new construction, adding both safety and resale value to your home. Whether a person is moving to Florida for the first time or knows all about hurricanes in the past, this is crucial when that time inevitably comes.

Advanced Water Drainage Systems

All drainage systems come with flood mitigation. GL Homes designs their communities with the most advanced water drainage systems to better manage the flow of water in and around the community.

Underground Utilities

With every community designed by GL Homes, utilities go underground. All utilities are placed underground within their communities to help minimize the potential for down powerlines that could cause outages.

Tile Roofs

The standard roof option in Florida is tile. Rest assured, with a long-lasting tile roof that’s known for better protection, weather resistance, and durability.

GL Homes Ratings

[Alt Text: A picture provided by GL Homes of clients enjoying the Florida lifestyle in their new community.]

Over the years, the homebuilding company has picked up some great recognition for all of its hard work. Along with carrying a stellar reputation simply by reading through customer reviews, industry awards and accolades include: 

 – Florida Trend named them the second-largest private homebuilder in Florida 
 – Homebuyers Choice Awards 2022 naming them second in percentage of sales from referrals for high-volume builders 
 – Builder naming them the 13th largest private builder in the United States
 – Professional Builder naming them the 29th largest builder in the United States 

The team at GL Holmes could never have imagined how fast they would grow. Although the demand for homes in Florida continues to rise, they’re also very conscious of offering a personalized experience. 

Every bit of growth remains calculated, and retirees looking for a new place in the Sunshine State should always have GL Homes at the top of the list.

Showing no signs of slowing down, GL Homes has a chance to live on for many more years. The passion for providing customizable home experiences makes it genuinely unique in the industry.

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