As one of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the world, Dubai has experienced explosive growth in recent years. The real estate market is seeing a surge in prices, with the cost of buying a home in the city skyrocketing. The Dubai real estate market differs significantly from others both in terms of the types of housing offered and in the arrangement of housing complexes. Buying apartments here, you get not only comfortable housing, but also the opportunity to use the infrastructure of the complex and the area, from outdoor recreation areas to temperature-controlled swimming pools and Moroccan spa in Dubai. Residents enjoy an environment with luxurious facilities: wellness centers with sunbathing areas and Moroccan baths, fitness centers, beauty spas and massage rooms, grocery stores, kindergartens, medical facilities, outdoor sports facilities, a shopping area with boutiques and much more. Inside the residential complex there may be a recreational park with enough greenery and trees, which are looked after by hired workers. This approach allows you to create not only a comfortable place to live, but also a favorable environment in terms of sensations.All types of real estate offered here are collected in our article.


In the United Arab Emirates, this is a whole sector of real estate, which is intended primarily for renting out. Apartments are the main type of residential properties in Dubai, which attracts foreign investors, as well as expats and tourists as tenants. Among the important features of this type of real estate, it is worth highlighting the fact that it is not suitable for registration, but is an investment instrument.

Most foreigners confuse apartments with apartments, but there is an important feature: in Dubai, apartments are housing of any size and configuration, designed to generate income for the owner. Among the most common options:

– studios;

– apartments with several bedrooms.

Duplexes and penthouses

Most skyscrapers in prestigious areas of Dubai have a rather limited supply of penthouses. Together with the high demand, this type of property can confidently be called the most expensive in the UAE. Penthouses are often confused with duplexes, but they are different types of residential properties.

The penthouse is always located on the last two floors of high-rise buildings, it is distinguished by panoramic windows and breathtaking views. A duplex is called apartments in low-rise buildings, sometimes such housing is sold within the local area. In both cases, these are apartments with 2 floors. Both types of properties are suitable for a large family. They are popular with both foreign investors and expats for permanent residence.

Cottages and townhouses

Popular types of luxury real estate in Dubai, which are second only to apartments in terms of the number of offers. As a rule, such housing is connected into sectors of cottage settlements, while each major Dubai developer has similar projects with their own characteristics.

Cottages are the type of real estate in Dubai that locals prefer. Such housing has a large area, in the local area there may be a garden or a swimming pool. In the premium segment, cottages have their own access to the beach.

Townhouses, as a rule, are designed for several families and have several separate entrances. This type of housing is in great demand among expats and tourists, which allows the owner to earn money when renting both short and long term. This fact explains the high investment attractiveness of townhouses.


It is worth noting that in February 2023, flats in such neighborhoods of Dubai as Dubai Marina, Business Bay, Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, and Jumeirah Village Circle experienced the greatest demand among buyers and investors. Around the same time, Mohammed Bin Rashid City, Arabian Ranches, Dubai Hills Estate, and Palm Jumeirah had the highest demand for villa and townhouse rentals.

In spite of issues caused by global inflation, experts forecast that the local real estate market would perform strongly in 2023 since the Middle East’s economic conditions are steady and resilient. As a result, wealthy individuals and foreign investors continue to find the Dubai housing market to be an appealing investment platform.


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