Owning a house is one of the smartest moves people make. This is a place you and your family will call home. This is where your memories are embedded and even a place to relax and be comfortable. 

Most people prefer buying land and building their homes from scratch, whereas others prefer to purchase from real estate agents.



1) Time

 The exercise of identifying land and the owner can be time-consuming. You need to establish the location and find the area. The real owner should also be identified since many people pose us cons in the purchase market. Many people who prefer their home build from scratch find themselves consuming a lot of time than those buying a home that is already built and ready for moving in.


2) Design 

Many of the people who build their own homes will tell you that they got what they wanted. From the vision of your ideal home's fantasies and making it to your desired perfection is what I admire most about constructing your own home.


3) Cost

Homebuilders will tell you what they fear most about buying a home because they know how it's built and have an idea of how high costs are when you buy newly built houses. Considering the time spent in hiring contractors and finishing the plans aided by an architect, most home builders don't save anything financially.


4) Room for extension

The best advantage in buying land and building your home is that you have room for extensions, which are done at an expertise level from home extensions. After making a home and thinking of extending it is not an easy ordeal; it will require a professional view and even a lot of restuctructing. This advantage is only possible if, during the initial building, there was space left around the compound. Most people who buy homes will find this exercise unattainable since most of these houses are built on an exact piece of land, meaning extensions will be infringing on illegal grounds.


This is the most important benefit of any home expansion: You can increase your living space without buying, selling, and moving from one home to another. This is why neighbors have chosen to turn their current homes into their dream homes instead of driving. For convenience and the best home extensions, experts find and search at Home Extensions.



2) Value addition

House extensions need to make sense in terms of adding value. By this, you need to make sure the intended extension is of more importance to you than the cost it will require. It can be not easy to assess, but finding similar local properties and seeing how much they've sold for can be a useful guide. I will not entirely rule out bought homes for extensions. 

With the best help from extension expertise like Home Extensions, a two-story extension could create an extra room for that home office you'll use every day, as well as a master suite to retreat to.


3) Many of our clients opt for a home extension followed by a renovation of the old space. The result is a "new home." This is especially desirable if your current home has design flaws or fixtures that don't look as modern as you would like them to look.

Finding a home of your choice can be quite tricky, but it can be even more challenging to decide whether to build your own home or buy a readymade one. There are pros and cons for both these options, but it's worth putting in your time and efforts before making this life-changing decision. Other factors need to be taken into consideration. Location, lifestyle, and budget should be thought thoroughly.


Building your new home from scratch has many benefits to offer in high-quality construction with tailor-made homes to suit your needs and specifications. When it comes to extension, there are possibilities from both homes built from scratch and bought homes. But they will vary to some extent.


I would always maintain that the best person to oversee a home you are proposing to build and enjoy is yourself. No one knows the space or the building better than you, and nobody has a greater level of interest in getting it right.


There are many times in life when you may need to ask for a house extension. With this need arises contact Home Extension for the best services in either your build or bough house.



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