Joining a university is one of the biggest steps most young adults have to take as they start to build their careers and embark on their adult life after completing high school. In this stage, many of these young people aim to become more independent and self-reliant to prepare for challenges and responsibilities.

On the other hand, parents usually prioritize their children’s well-being and safety as they live and study independently for the first time in their lives. Consequently, parents are often worried if their new accommodations will be conducive to their learning and will give them the best university experience they could have. 

For most incoming freshmen, one of the most crucial decisions they have to make as they begin their college life is choosing their residence. The college dormitory will serve as their home away from home for years, and it should be ideal for their studies and lifestyle as well.

In effect, students and parents consider many factors before choosing a student residence, such as budget, living arrangements, size of the living space, and accessibility. Apart from these, they would also weigh up the essential features a residence should have to make college life comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable. 

Different student residences may offer unique perks and attractions. However, some features make accommodations ideal for college students. If you’d like to know more about the essential aspects ofideal student accommodation, the following article outlines some of them and how they could help students enjoy life in college.

      1.      Proximity To The Campus

One of the key features to look for in a student residence is its proximity to the college or university. This way, it’ll be convenient to attend classes at any time and take a rest when needed. Also, it’s a great way to encourage punctuality because going to and from the campus won’t require a long drive or commute. As such, it’s common for the best student accommodations to be within walking distance of the campus. 

For instance, the University of Manitoba residence building is strategically located a few steps away across the street from the campus entrance, making it convenient for students to attend their classes on time.

      2.      Access To Supplies And Services 

Aside from proximity to the school, the student accommodation should also be near grocery stores, school supplies shops, bookstores, laundromats, salons, and other places where students can have access to supplies and services for their daily needs. This would be especially helpful for those students who have busy schedules or are working part-time because it would be easier and more convenient for them to get what they need. 

      3.      Facilities And Amenities

         ·         Internet And Phone Access: A great part of student life involves reading and researching, and most students nowadays rely on the internet to do so. This is why it’s ideal to have convenient and unlimited access to the internet any time of day. On the other hand, though it’s quite common for everyone to solely use their mobile phones for communication, having access to a telephone could still be useful to students especially during emergencies.

         ·         Basic Living Facilities: These would include bathrooms, showers, dining area, kitchen, laundry room as well as bedrooms. The availability and quality of these facilities are crucial in providing a comfortable living space for the occupants. 

         ·         Study Area: Having a separate study area could be helpful especially for those students who want to steer clear of distractions and have a quiet, comfortable space to study on their own.

         ·         Outdoor Area For Physical Activity And Recreation: While studying, it’s also important for students to take care of their health and overall well-being, and one way to do that is through regular exercise. This is why it's helpful for students to have an indoor or outdoor space in their accommodation where they can work out or play sports as a way of recreation. 

      4.      Conducive Environment

It’s also important for students and parents to note the kind of environment the student residence offers. Ideally, the place should be free from distractions such as noise coming from traffic, neighboring houses, etc. There should also be proper lighting, ventilation, and temperature regulation, especially during extreme weather to provide comfort for the occupants. Lastly, the place should be clean, safe, and secure at all times. 



Completing a university degree can be one of the biggest challenges a young adult could face, and many would have to do so while living independently. As such, having these key features in a student residence is important to help students cope with the demands of college life while being away from their friends and family. 

For the same reasons, it may also be worth noting if the accommodation provides common areas where socialization among students is encouraged. This way, students can connect, build relationships, and have a sense of belongingness which could enrich their learning experience in their time in the university.


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