9 Qualities To Look For In A Local Real Estate Agent






If you’re looking to buy or sell a property, your first point of call is a real estate agent. To locate the right real estate agent, you have to research beforehand.  

Unless you have recommendations from close friends or co-workers, the best place to start is online reviews of local agencies. Looking for the right agent may not be as easy as you think. Not every real estate agent may be the ideal fit for you. But, with enough research, you can find the right one. That said, here are some qualities you need to look for in a local real estate agent.

  1. 1.  Communication Skills

Good real estate agents are great communicators. This is one quality to consider seriously when choosing a real estate agent. You want an agent who is well-spoken, confident, and convincing. In addition, as the client, you need to be constantly updated with the latest developments. Time is money in the world of real estate. You can’t afford to work with an agent with poor communication skills.

  1. 2. Proactivity

Aside from the communication skills, you want to work with real estate agents who value your time, especially if you’re urgently selling your home. You want realtors who can accommodate and understand your request to speed up the sales process. Hence, they should be proactive in contacting potential buyers and existing clients to get your house sold as soon as possible.

  1. 3. Listening Ability

It’s one thing to be an excellent communicator. It’s another thing to be talkative. You should be wary of working with people who are not good listeners. You need a real estate agent who pays attention to your needs, concerns, and deadlines and gives them full respect and attention. Not someone concerned about discounting your desires or convictions.

Remember, you’re the client. The real estate agent should establish what method of communication you prefer before going ahead with anything. Listening skills are invaluable. Besides, how can you trust someone who doesn’t value your desires?

  1. 4. Local Knowledge

This is something that you’ll be able to establish, perhaps after an interview. A real estate agent should be knowledgeable about the local real estate market trends. Go for an agency that’s well versed in and has some experience with the local real estate landscape, such as Noel Jones Ringwood or any similar agency in your locale.  



  1. 5. Negotiation Skills

Now, this is closely related to the point about communication. A real estate agent needs to know how to negotiate. To negotiate, you need to be convincing. It’s a skill that many can learn, but only a few have mastered. Remember, the real estate agent will negotiate on your behalf. So, they need to get the best possible prices for you through negotiation skills.

  1. 6. Integrity

Remember, when dealing with real estate, you’re usually not talking about small numbers, especially if it’s commercial real estate. So, you need to have someone who has integrity and who’s honest. You want people who are committed to doing what is right. No cutting corners, but always sticking to what is legally permissible.

Also, you need someone who won’t try to dupe you. You also need to work with reputable real estate agents since their reputation will be on the line. So they have something to lose if a bad word goes out there. Therefore, they’re likely to stick to a strong moral code when doing business.

  1. 7. Meticulous

The real estate agent’s job is more than just speaking and negotiating. They also spend some time diving into the details. Often, many contracts involve details that need care and attention. Some details include assessing property values, printing, signing contracts, drafting agreements, and so forth. All those things need someone with a keen eye to make sure everything is accurate. Remember, once something is signed off, the deal is done.

That’s also why you need a real estate agent with experience because they are more meticulous with their work. A mistake can be costly.

  1. 8. Professionalism

This is the part where you observe how the real estate agent conducts business, dresses, communicates, and treats you. If you’re going to pay them a commission for facilitating a deal, they have to approach things professionally.

Remember that an excellent real estate agent should aim to make a fantastic first impression on you, the prospective client. They’re effectively selling themselves to you. If they care and are serious about getting the contract, they should dress for it. But also, their mannerisms should show that they’re professionals.

  1. 9. Personality

People seldom like working with people they don’t have a connection with or with whom they dislike. If you’re going to work well with anyone, you want to work with someone with an outstanding personality. Ideally, this is someone who is a joy to be around and who strives to make things comfortable for you. You want someone who is energetic and has a likeable personality.

Moreover, during negotiations, sometimes there are cases where outcomes can be determined by charisma and charm. You have a significant advantage when you have a realtor with an outstanding personality or who’s likeable.



If you are looking for an excellent local real estate agent, you need to research. If need be, you can set appointments with various agents to interview them briefly to see whether you can find common ground. You cannot get into a business deal with someone you don’t like or trust. So, it’s a good way of knowing how they work and observing whether they are professionals at heart.



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