7 Hacks To Increase Your Real Estate Business Instagram Influence Right Now


Instagram is a free picture sharing platform. It has 80 million users worldwide and it is becoming more popular all the time. Using the platform can increase your brand visibility and you can productively engage with other Instagram users.

The platform was acquired by Facebook in 201.2 and its web presence is growing fast. It is now possible for users to use Instagram online and not only use the mobile app as it was previously the case. This visual, picture based platform cannot be ignored.

1. Your Profile

On joining the Instagram crowd you will first need to add a profile. When joining up in order to promote your brand, your profile picture should be your company logo. Your username must be as close to your company name as it can be, also it should be the same as your twitter handle for cross reference purposes. There should be no privacy settings so that everyone can see your pics. Explain the reason for your presence, add your website URL and your Facebook address. You can geotag and then connect to the map function also.

2. Use Stories

It will serve you well to get to know how to use Instagram to your fullest advantage. You can tell a story with the pictures you choose and you can add a bit of fun into the mix.

3. Centralize

Cross post pictures with your Facebook page using hashtags and this will make users aware that you are on Instagram. Embed an Instagram video onto your website or blog and exponentially extend your reach.

4. Use Great Visuals

There are many ways in which you can use Instagram to get your brand known. People love visuals. The idea is to get people to engage with your pictures and products. Asking a question in your comments gets people reading them. Puzzles, interesting angles, collages and close-ups get people looking closer. Captions like “what is this?” and “Find the…” Pictures can be informative as well as artistic and aesthetic.

5. Get Personal

You can take people on virtual tours of your factory. This can get people to be well informed about your product. You could consider a series of pictures showing the manufacturing process, allow users of Instagram in behind the scenes. Where appropriate you can show some before and after pictures. Comparisons make an interesting visual. A day in the life of your product and pictures of people using your product. Particularly if you can get a picture of a celebrity or well-known person using your product. Via the platform, you can let people know when you are in their neighborhood and let them know which events you are at and which ones you support.

6. Be Human


A human perspective can be added by posting pictures of employees (If they allow this, ask first)  This will show the people behind the product. It may even help encourage employees who like to be recognized for their input.

7. Be Informative

The platform can give users the opportunity to be the first to know about just about anything. Store openings, Technology product releases, anything in fact promoted can go viral in a flash. You do not need to be on Instagram continuously, or even post everyday, do not overwhelm your followers with masses  of same old, same old but have a schedule and track what is working for you. Use trending hashtags and follow those who follow you.

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