7 Advanced Link Building Strategies for Real Estate Agents


High quality backlinks are an integral part of boosting your organic ranking, which directly leads to achieving higher profits and more sales. While there are a lot of cheap and suspicious ways to get back links, these methods will often end up hurting your ranking since search engines now can recognise them. It’s safe to mention that finding a link building consultant can definitely help you in your efforts.

With these advanced link building strategies, though, you are sure to achieve a great ROI on your backlinks.

1. Donate or host a charity

Charity websites are an increasingly useful source of backlinks. Search engines give these backlinks in particular extra focus in their algorithms. So find a small charity you like and make a decent donation that will land you, and your website, a mention on the charity’s website. A more guaranteed way to get this backlink is by offering to host the charity’s website.

2. Sponsor a local school’s extracurricular activity

Search engines value .edu links highly as well, and links from your local area are also deeply important in boosting your organic ranking. Find a local school with a sports team or club that needs a sponsor to buy kits or equipment. Once you sponsor the team or club, you will get your backlink on the school or club’s website, and probably some nice local advertisement.

3. Link internally

Good linking starts internally. Make sure that your posts and web pages link to each other. If you write a new post, link to previous posts on your website that are relevant to it. Make sure that your links are useful and working, or else they won’t contribute.

4. Guest write

Connect with a blog that is relevant to your work and area. Remember that if a link is local, it contributes more to your SEO. Make contact with them and offer to guest blog. Not only will you put your name out there in the community, but you will also get a very useful link.

5. Join an audio sharing website

Audio sharing websites are highly regarded by search engines. By joining one and creating an audio track (for example an advertisement for your business) you can link to your website in a very SEO friendly way.

6. Place your website on SEO friendly directories

Online business directories are one of the most basic but important ways to get backlinks. Directories such as Business.com for example not only boost your organic rankings but also serve to advertise it effectively to people looking for a business.

7. Write testimonials

Have a local business that you use often? Offer to write a testimonial for them. Businesses love testimonials and reviews, and will gladly link to your website from theirs on the testimonial.

Being well-informed on the best ways to create backlinks can tremendously benefit your business. Doing this the right way is important to ensure the success of your business. If all else fails and managing backlinks becomes too difficult, finding a link building consultant to help you is always a good way to go.

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