5 Tips to Launch a Career in International Real Estate


If you love travelling to exotic locations and connecting buyers with their ideal properties, a career in international real estate is calling you.

But before you throw your depressing office clothes in the bin and book those speedboat lessons, there are a few wise moves to make.

Here are five tips to launch a career in international real estate.

Build your savings

Launching into any career without any savings to back you up isn’t a smart move.

And most real estate positions are commission-based — so it might take a couple of years until your earnings alone are sufficient to support you.

If you’re struggling to work out where you can pinch those pennies, there are a few strategies for saving money.

Cutting down on food and transportation costs are easy wins, and automating savings deductions from your salary helps you to avoid splashing out.

Having a cash cushion behind you will make you feel more confident and relaxed as you take your first steps into an exciting new career.


If you’ve got friends and family in a particular international territory, you’re ahead of the curve in terms of networking.

But if not, you’ll have to touch base with brilliant contacts you can collaborate with.

If you’re a member of a local chamber of commerce, they might host international events.

But International Networking Week provides a great opportunity for representatives from global governments, businesses and communities to mix and mingle.

No property mogul is an island — so networking will boost your business from coast to coast.


Even if you’ve got experience of the property business in your own locale, the laws, regulations and political climates in other countries can vary widely.

So studying for a qualification in international real estate and planning might be worthwhile.

These courses will equip you with skills in real estate planning and development, critical debates in international territories, comparative planning systems and cultures and geographical information systems.

So after you graduate you’ll be able to hit the ground running in the location of your choice — without worrying about being bamboozled by unfamiliar legal terms or cultural traditions.


It’s possible to launch your new career without splashing out cash on physical premises in every operational location — you can work online and choose to travel to hotspots when it’s absolutely necessary to seal a lucrative deal.

But once you start to employ staff, you’ll need to ensure that traditional HR functions like payroll and tax compliance are taken care of.

Hiring an HR partner can be exorbitant for a startup firm — so reduce your overheads with cloud-based human resource software that automates staff payments and benefits, collates data records and eliminates tiring admin tasks.


Last but not least, you’ll have to think about the best locations for doing business.

It’s not likely that you’ll instantly establish a foothold in several different nations, so choose carefully.

If you’re lucky, you might already have connections in some of the best cities for global real estate investors.

But if not, start somewhere you know reasonably well, where you can at least speak the language.

Follow these five tips to launch a career in international real estate and you’ll soon be living the life you’ve been dreaming of.

Do you work in international real estate? Share your tips in our comments section.

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