5 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Color for Your Roofing Shingles


Home building or renovation projects can be really tough and time-consuming, but don’t you just love how rewarding looking at the finish product is? As far as the outside aspect of our homes goes, the roof is a very important component. If you’re unsure how you should proceed when choosing the color of your roofing shingles, keep on reading to find out the five most important tips that will surely help you.

Coordinate your roof’s colors with the rest of the outside elements of your house

Being the proud owner of an aesthetically pleasing house heavily relies on perfect color coordination between the various elements that make up the outside of your house. After all, that’s the part that most people see. Therefore, when choosing roof shingles, keep in mind to match their color up to your bricks, stone or stucco. Some of the best combinations are dark grey with white or blue, and brown and cream with tan colored houses.

Keep energy bills on the low by considering the climate of the area in which you reside

Choosing shingles in a color that works well with the climate of the area in which you live is an important decision, because it will save you a lot of money in the future. The tried and tested rules apply here as well: light colors reflect light and keep homes cooler, white darker colors absorb heat and thus help you keep your house warmer for longer if you live in a cold area of the globe.

Create just the right optical illusion

Keeping in tune with the light-dark color debate, the specific depth of certain colors can help you create optical illusions when it comes to your home. Light colors can make your home look bigger, while a dark color will make a house look smaller than it actually is.

Keep a good communication level with your contractor


If you’re planning such a big change, then you most likely hired a roofing contractor, such as Westchase Roofing. The team that you work with in designing and building your perfect roof will most likely be able to contribute with some valuable input on the matter of roof colors.

Don’t forget about your neighbors

Whenever you set off big home improvements projects, don’t forget about your neighbors. While you might think that something like choosing roof colors won’t affect the neighborhood, your neighborhood association might disagree. Make sure you’re not breaking any rules that were set up by the association. After all, building a good home also means having a good community around it, and you must always put in your due diligence and consult with the members of that community.

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