4 Real Estate Trends to Watch in 2019


In case you have not paid attention, 2018 has been an exciting year in real estate, full of twists and turns. The real estate market is in an expansion phase, and this is expected to continue until 2021. So what does 2019 bring for real estate investors?

Buying real estate will be more exciting than ever in 2019! Modern technology brings numerous ideas that affect the whole real estate market. Also, one of the current trends is a strong demand for small homes. Why? There are many reasons: buy cheaper, need less space and save energy.

Investing as a lifestyle

Real estate remains one of the most profitable investments in the long term. In 2019 even more people want to be successful real estate investors. Investing in rental real estate makes it possible to build up a retirement supplement thanks to the generated rents or to recover a capital during the resale of the property. Housing is always a safe investment. At least this is the mantra of developers who recommend this segment as one of the most stable.

In this sector, there are excellent signs to make investments.

View homes via Virtual Reality

Today, house hunters visit an average of twelve buildings before they find their dream home. Ultimately, it takes easily half a year before a prospective buyer has made his choice. That is an unnecessary time loss. More and more real estate agents are therefore launching virtual visits. From now on you no longer have to visit each home physically. Thanks to popular virtual tours you can discover different houses from your own living room. Would you like to experience this yourself? Then quickly view your dream home in 360!

Increasing demand for real estate

Real estate market tension is evident and clearly identified by future buyers. As a consequence of the improvement in market values and the increase in the facilities to access financing, the demand for real estate will rise by around 10% concerning the previous year.

The real estate activity is an essential component of the economy since it develops, finances, manages and commercialises real estate: an element that also promotes the welfare of the population. The demand for residences supports the solidity of real estate activity.

Small houses are becoming more and more popular

A few years ago, demand for spacious, big houses was predominant. However, this demand is now relayed by a strong demand for small apartments and houses. But why? In response to the growing real estate prices, people tend to save more. The average price of small flats and houses is lower than of villas. It follows that smaller homes becoming desirable!

However, the price is not the only factor. Today, cities are trying to maximise residential spaces by offering smaller housing estates. Fourteen houses are being built today where ten were made ten years ago. Besides, homeowners have changed their way of thinking about housing: they are paying more attention to their expenses and energy saving.

New investment niches

Investors are turning their attention to new segments, less exposed by the economic cycle and more linked to the new demographic and technological trends. Thus, more than half of respondents say they are interested in niche markets such as shared housing, data centres, logistics, residences for the elderly or students.

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