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Real estate buyer leads and its network of international real estate websites attract thousands of buyers every day who are in search of investment property, luxury homes, second homes abroad, holiday properties and houses to buy abroad.

Buying a property abroad is often a daunting process and our buyers respond positively to real estate agents who share local knowledge and help them find a property in the best location. It’s for this reason why our motivated buyers will seek the help of a knowledgeable real estate agent.



“By offering a helping hand to motivated buyers real estate agents generate new business” 

How do you generate property finding leads? offer a bespoke property finding service that’s aimed at serious buyers only. Buyers either complete a form online or contact us directly for help.


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 Targeted Marketing Campaigns aimed at Buyers

Example of a video marketing to attract motivated buyers who need the help of an agent to find a property abroad

Free buyer leads for real estate agents

How it works

  1. Register as an agent or Login
  2. Select “Leads ” from the navigation on the right-hand side
  3. Search by country
  4. View the summary details of the buyer’s request which includes details of the location, type and budget of the property they seek
  5. Unlock the lead that you can service by selecting the lock icon, you will then see full details name, email address and phone number

How to get the most from a buyer lead?

The buyer will be expecting an agent to contact them. It’s important that you refer to the date they made their request and to mention This will ensure that you have credibility and authority to contact them. This handover from is crucial to get the best opportunity with our leads

Hi Mr Smith
I am partnered with the property website On Tuesday 4th May you made a property finding request stating that you were looking for a three-bed beachfront property in Marbela Spain.
How do I sell to international buyers

Selling a property to a foreign buyer is much the same as a local client, real estate agents who listen to their client learn their needs and adapt accordingly will always have a better opportunity to clinch a sale. Distance and how to overcome this is one of the biggest problems. How to show a client a particular property without the need for them to get on a plane is much easier with smart-phones and technology. Foreign buyers will not know which are the better areas to buy and which ones to avoid. Real estate pricing and the amount of activity in the local market are all things they will want to know. What they can achieve with their budget and show examples makes the who thing real. Knowledge of typical property running costs including local taxes will help them immensely. Proximity to local airports, major roads and stations are high on many overseas buyers lists. Some will be considering buying a second home abroad and may want to know the rental price of a property and the possibilities of them renting to holidaymakers.

Language barriers, legal processes, transferring of funds, the safety of their funds and credibility of the real estate agent are all fears that a buyer will consider. Good real estate agents take these factors into consideration and win credibility and trust by recognising these factors


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