What is a CRM? 


A CRM, which stands for Customer Relationship Management, is a tool real estate investors use to keep track of communications they have with their investors. It’s also used to nurture relationships with potential investors, and partners. 

Instead of using spreadsheets or multiple databases, a CRM offers a centralized platform where you can keep track of your client database. With a CRM, you can say goodbye to cluttered spreadsheets and massive computer folders. 

Why do you need a CRM as a commercial real estate investor? 

The last thing you want to do is forget to keep an investor updated, or spend hours organizing investor docs. 

If you’ve used spreadsheets to keep track of investors, then you understand how inefficient they can be. Especially as you scale your business, strong systems are essential to sustainable growth. 

The benefits to using a CRM are straightforward. A CRM can make you more efficient, save you time, and organize your database. It also impresses investors by allowing them to invest in real estate online. 

You can use a CRM for real estate investors to save time and avoid spending money on various different platforms. 

Below, you’ll find our picks for the Top 7 Real Estate Investment CRMs of 2022. 

#1: SyndicationPro

SyndicationPro offers a multitude of features and a superior investor experience in one comprehensive platform. SyndicationPro is the most efficient real estate fundraising software that includes every essential tool needed to raise more capital faster. Users can manage their investors all in one place. The platform was uniquely made by syndicators for syndicators. 


The Investor CRM feature allows users to segment contacts, send mass emails, register investors, automate the relationship-building process, set follow-up reminders and tasks, store a complete relationship history with each investor, and more.

 A fundraising automation feature gives users the ability to easily collaborate with cosponsors by giving them a free account, secure soft commitments from investors, and verify accreditation.. 

The investor portal lets sponsors store their investor statements and updates in one centralized location. They can also invite their team to the platform, such as an accountant, co-investor, and an attorney. 

The investment management software enables SyndicationPro users to send investor updates, respond to investor questions, calculate distributions, and generate investor statements all from the platform. Investor distributions can be sent directly from SyndicationPro with ACH transfers and checks. 

Ideal For: Real Estate Sponsors who want to raise more capital in less time.

#2: Cash Flow Portal

Cash Flow Portal is a platform that allows syndicators to build a track record by maintaining good streams of communication. It helps its users bring value to its investors by allowing them to view deal information and giving them their distributions through the platform’s investor portal. 


Users benefit from automated K1 statements, pre-templated investor emails, and their ability to manage investor documents within the platform. The platform allows users to create detailed offerings, upload documents, and share it with potential investors. Passive investors can also use the platform to connect with other syndicators, and the platform is SEC-compliant. 

Ideal for: Real estate syndicators and Passive real estate investors. 

#3: Investor Deal Room

Investor Deal Room is an online software platform for multifamily operators and commercial real estate investors. 


Users can store all of their current investments and investor documents within the platform. Investors can also update and customize their profiles themselves. The platform includes a soft commitment feature, automated subscription documents, secure wire sharing instructions, and a confirmation receipt of funds. Users can send investor updates, and the platform allows users to automatically send investor distributions. 

Ideal For: Real estate syndicators and private equity groups looking to optimize their systems. 

#4: Ground Breaker

Ground Breaker is a CRM for commercial real estate syndicators and investor relations. 


Users are able to manage their investor pipeline from a bird’s-eye point of view. The platform stores prospective investor data, and makes it easy to track and find specific investors. Through the portal, users are able to send personalized emails to one, or multiple investors. Keeping track of investor leads and communication schedules is possible on the platform.  

Ideal For: Commercial Real Estate Investment Management. 

#5: Juniper Square

Juniper Square is a commercial real estate investment CRM that allows users to manage private partnerships. 


The investor portal offers a secure way for users to access documents and track investment performance. This can be saved on the cloud, and accessed from any device. 

The investor CRM feature allows users to keep a pulse on their investor database, from qualified investors to investor leads. Users are able to create and send investment updates securely. This includes personalized messages, statements, and industry reports. 

Partnership accounting management, and automated distribution calculations and payments can be done from the central dashboard. The software is encrypted, and authentication is used to protect data. 

Ideal For: Real estate investment managers who raise other people’s money. 

#6: Investor Management Services (IMS)

Investor Management Services (IMS) is a platform for commercial real estate investment companies to communicate with their investors and manage their properties. 


The investor portal and dashboard allows for efficient raises. It includes an online deal room, online documents, an e-Sign capability, and storage of previous deal records. Users can utilize the CRM to nurture relationships with investors, and scale their investor relations operation. The platform allows for sponsors to securely share documents such as K-1’s with their investors and team members within the dashboard. 

Ideal For: Commercial real estate sponsors who want to implement technology to update their capital raising process. 

#7: Track Investor

Track Investor is an investor portal that is easy to set up and use. It allows sponsors to connect with their investors using a simple, clean platform. 


The platform offers a sponsor portal and an investor portal. Data stored in the platform is encrypted. Users of the platform can send email notifications, and sponsors can send private messages to investors. 

Ideal For: Real estate investors, sponsors, and syndicators.

A Real Estate CRM is More Than a Software…

Using a CRM made for real estate investors is a great way to give yourself a competitive edge. 

Many sponsors don’t communicate well with their investors, and they pay the price. 

Communication is the most important aspect of successfully raising capital from investors, and getting them to continue to invest with you. The level of communication you give them will determine how well of an experience they have. It doesn’t matter if you surpass projected returns. If they feel like they were left in the dark throughout their investment journey, they won’t be happy, and aren’t likely to refer their friends and family to you. 

Investing in the right software is a great step in the right direction. This will enable you to make sure no investor falls through the cracks. A real estate investment CRM allows you to maintain communication with your investors, and manage your investor database at large. 

With the right CRM for real estate investors, you’ll keep your investors reinvesting with you time and time again. 

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