Top 5 Things Venetians Love About Their City


If you are thinking about taking a gap year or just a few months’ leisure trip in Europe, but haven’t decided which city you want to spend it in, this article might just help you make up your mind.

As a regular traveller, you may have spent some time in Algarve; perhaps stayed at the fine Pine Cliffs? Or ran along the beaches by Egnazia in Puglia? If so, you will have an idea of how attractive such places can be, especially in summer. Venice is no different. With the flowing canals and piazzas, even Hollywood directors can’t resist making the city a major location for their next James Bond film.

Venice is beautiful, no doubt. Consider it a top option for your next long vacation. Here are 5 things most Venetians love about their beautiful city:

1.       St. Mark’s Basilica

This massive structure stands in the middle of the impressive piazza San Marco and is an experience on its own. Napoleon described it as the “drawing room of Europe”. This is very true because, today, it seems like much of Europe’s population is packed into this massive square. However, it is St. Mark’s Basilica (Basilica Di San Marco) that is usually seen as the living proof of Venice’s connection with Byzantium. And there’s Torre dell’Orologio, a clock tower erected in the 15th century–one of the city’s main attractions.

2.       Getting Around in a Gondola

Venetian locals love their simple transport system across the canals. It is not just the feel of romantic gesture, but a representation of cultural heritage that enamours each inhabitant of the city. The gondola is an icon of Venice’s lifestyle, much like what double-decker buses are to London. Imagine the relaxed atmosphere without all the pollution and noisy traffic of major city districts.

3.       The Contemporary Art Scene

Remember what Napoleon said about Venice? Its appreciation of art is one major attraction for many. A city of artists and connoisseurs alike has to be one of the dreamiest places to live in, right? Its glorious art history boasts of the Peggy Guggenheim collection of the 20th century. This is one of the city’s most visited attractions, while the Punta della Dogana recently opened in 2009, houses some of the works of contemporary art titans such as Dan Flavin, Rachel Whitehead and Jean Tinguely.

4.       The Music Experience

Imagine having the opportunity to experience a well-played Vivaldi concert every day- if you choose. Most perceptive music-lovers feel the beauty of the Baroque period music. The music only serves to enhance the artistic hub that Venice is. There is the Venice Baroque Orchestra, an international success, and the Orchestra of La Fenice, arguably the best in the country.

5.       The Sumptuous Food

It is no surprise that Italians have some of the best chefs in the world. The city of Venice is home to some ancient, traditionally prepared culinary delicacies. Meals such as the local gelato served at Boutique del Gelato, a tiny outlet on the bubbly salizzada San Lio is the city’s best. Restaurants which serve delicious meals add to the romantic atmosphere of Venice.

Are you still pondering? You will have an awesome gap year. What’s more, the accommodation is quite affordable. Take that decision and become a dreamy Venetian- even if it’s just for one year.

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